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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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13 hours ago, phoo said:

Thanks! It's too bad that all the pieces are rectangular haha


You could always use really tiny sprites? Lol.

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WIP of Doom:Angels. This is an enemy/graphic replacement mod that changes the demons into moe style angels. Got the 1st enemy working (The Cherub) which replaces the imp. The goal is to eventually replace all the enemy types and change some of the demonic textures to christian textures (Pentagrams with crosses etc.). Map used is level 26 of Eviternity (Angels should be in heaven).

This is my 1st ever Doom modification done in Slade.



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Above: the original map in CS 1.6.
On the bottom: my GZDoom remake.

No cheating with 3D models here; this is all done with 3D floors.



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1 hour ago, Scuba Steve said:

Butt why?

Because I'm obsessed (sorry, couldn't think of a reply pun).

By the way, the texture used on the inside of the bowl is a wooden crate texture (one that you'd typically find a CS map). However, the map doesn't have any crates in it, which leads me to conclude that this texture was only used for this effect.

It's even more funny when you consider that the crate texture is easily the largest resource out of all of them. So in other words, the biggest resource hog in the original map is a texture used for poop in a toilet bowl. That's so silly I can't help but laugh.

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Opening Room of new map I'm currently making using Dark Base Textures. Custom music as of now is "We Disintegrate" by Nevermore. Screenshot_Doom_20200424_153627.png.dd13eb507e1dbd7348940dc52356c77d.png

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15 hours ago, Dubbagdarrel said:

Opening Room of new map I'm currently making using Dark Base Textures. Custom music as of now is "We Disintegrate" by Nevermore. Screenshot_Doom_20200424_153627.png.dd13eb507e1dbd7348940dc52356c77d.png

nice. would suggest to make the ceiling appear thicker and maybe manipulate the center sector a bit to make the floor and the ceiling look more different from each other. put some bars there and a light in the center or something along the lines.

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2 hours ago, ViolentBeetle said:

You know what every Doom map needs? Midbars. Midbars behind midbars if possible.


And souls scrolling behind bars.


There's this series on YouTube called "Devs play", in which John Romero commented on how every good map needs the scrolling faces in it (or something to that effect). I thought that was very funny.

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It happens on earthly things




Edited by paja

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3 minutes ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

How DO you record a GIF of a DooM Demo? O_o

I use OBS studio to record video of myself playing and then I can convert it into whatever I want.

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Title: Plasma

Monsters: 666

Items: 66

Secrets: 6


This very abstract and colourful slaughter map will be one of the secret levels in the next Doom odyssey. It is mostly in the plasma state, lots of fire everywhere, only one hitscanner (Spider Mastermind) and mostly plasma gun and BFG9000 usage. I cannot tell you much more about this.





Edited by pcorf

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Here are some WIP shots of Metastasis2110669756_FirstWADProgress4.png.c5513f5d7bb6ba0e9f00d90c2a82c6b9.png1412157786_HellArea22.png.a9819b4c3826c0da482672bac6cd4731.png1907829227_Hellarea2.png.70e339bab3f5a0b210c8f3d56a21c7e7.png1341528613_Levelution1.png.d9558234d63225c17a1b37e2e04e698c.png1093406320_Levelution2.png.0ca317c2d83f447507159469cbda8f16.pngScreenshot_Doom_20200417_014414.png.87b8309d4b3e27d9c3c804299c20334e.pngScreenshot_Doom_20200417_231033.png.df262f5b7e9cdd6ea60938f0ecee9b18.png




The sixth image shows 8 teleporters. Each one is required to be taken to finish the map, and I only have 5 of the areas 'completed.' I have no clue as to what I want to put in the final three areas. I want each to be shortish, with a different theme to them; aesthetically and game play wise.


For reference, here are the 5 I have so far.


1. Elevator gauntlet. Smaller. Gotta fight waves of monsters in a corrupted techbase elevator.

2. Linear arena thing. Larger. A little boring, but with a surprise. Seen on the overall map in the upper left. Fight your way through a big castle thing.

3. Hell area. Short combat challenge. Fight a baron in a small enclosure.

4. Hell area. Larger. Gotta fight monsters while trying to get the yellow key.

5. Dark maze. Mediumish. Fight your way through a hazardous and heavily corrupted tech base arena, with occasional nukage and frequent enemies in near pitch black.

6. ? (I've mapped out a small area for it. It's the big red square with nothing in it. I had planned for a flooding nukage, where you had to fight to stay out of the dangerous liquid, but I feel that's too similar to a previous nukage area.) This one is bothering me the most. I don't know what I want to do with it other than it being smaller.

7. ? (hell)

8. ? (hell)



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