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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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Im making a Half-Life inspired map. It will rely on flashlight and dynamic Lights. Its called "Project_XII.wad". It has some new weapons and monsters. It also has a titlemap which is kinda basic. I have worked on this map for 1 month now. Expect more soon!











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unknown-20.pngthis is a wad I am making called the valley of the kings a hexen style wad for doom 2 with Everything that I can find witch is hexen or heretic style an misc like the weapons may come from blood an custom hexen and heretic weapons an so on I may release it once it hits to 6 map beta

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51 minutes ago, TheHit_61x said:

Yo thats amazing!. what texture pack are you using?

OTEX by Ukiro, 1.0. 


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2 hours ago, Alper002 said:

Irod, those screenshots look nice, but I think they could benefit from some varied lighting, realistic or not :P



Sometimes, you just gotta let your silly ideas become real.


...even if their presentation ends up janky :)


Working on a weird standalone Hexen map which won't be including monsters, that's for sure.

Because the lighting cheat is on I typically do that for screenshots so as to give a better view 

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On 6/22/2020 at 6:08 PM, IRod54 said:

Because the lighting cheat is on I typically do that for screenshots so as to give a better view


I think your screenies would "sell" more if they showed the true light contrasts like in others you showed some time ago, at least in a spoiler. 

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I found @Fuzzball's 'NOIR' texture set a few days ago and immediately started playing around with it. I still have no idea where this map will be going from here - whether I'll keep these as two separate 'shelves' or connect them up, etc - just testing out an idea!



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More details to Hexhi Wilds, a map that was an idea by the former Dreadnought campaign mapper. Continuing the work on my own, hoping to capture the same spirit he had!

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18 hours ago, Dragonfly said:

Looks great! Would definitely recommend taking screenshots without the increased gamma though. :)

How would I go abouts doing that? Would I need to turn my game brightness down?

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Added a new skybox to Hexhi Wilds. Still a WIP...



Some inner corridors you'll visit later on.



Made some brightmaps for pre-existing textures.


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