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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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Currently stuck for ideas so playing with an old unfinished map, what if Hillside Siege but faster?


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Noodling around some with the wonderful OTEX resources, a rock/cave area that's starting to feel a bit more like some strange Hell coral...



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While Hell Frontier: Episode 1 is awaiting final changes, I started mapping for episode 2 which would be MAP08-MAP12. Started making MAP10: Beheadquarters.


Starting area. I have discovered my love for dark rooms with highlighted walls. Makes for a pretty cool effect when you start a game and it lights up. Might use adjacent light and not 255 in final version.



Front Entrance. Though since we started elsewhere, we will exit through the locked door behind us.



Just random oversized computer things.


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2 hours ago, Walkerrr said:

Hello, I invite you to see and play my maps and give me a feedback, that would help me a lot to improve and continue the development of the wad.

What texture sets are those?  I recognize some CC4TEX stuff, are the crates from a Quake set?  Overall, looks very cool.

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The starting room of my Modest Mapping 2 submission.  The map needs serious work at this point but I think it's going in the right direction finally after a couple false starts.



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15 hours ago, guitardz said:

What texture sets are those?  I recognize some CC4TEX stuff, are the crates from a Quake set?  Overall, looks very cool.

I used a lot of textures from other wads. I edited several others.


Most textures in maps 1 to 10 with the following style were created by me.




I share the credits of the texture packs that have been used:



Author: Nick Baker  

Gothic DeathMatch (II) 
Authors: Anthony Czerwonka, Nick Baker, Ola Björling, Matthew Dixon, Travers Dunne , Iikka Ker, Chris Martin, Michal Mesko , Andrei Romanov, Dan Twomey


Doom Potpurri 

Author: FuzzballFox, Enjay, EarthQuake, CaptainToenail, MartinHowe

Darkbase Texture Pack

Author: David Gevert


DrDoctor's Texture Pack

Author: DrDoctor


Nightmare Animations Pack

Author: Nightmare


Title: Quake Textures for Doom II

Author: Derek Afterglow Mac Donald


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@Walkerrr you should create thread for your set as most likely everything will get burried in other people screenshots and replies. Besides, it would generate interest and help you to gather some feedback.

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Working on two maps. One is in a much later stage of development. Can you guess which?



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@HAK3180 I wondered if you would ever get the time to work on your own maps in amongst all of your recordings. Good to know that you are

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Posted (edited)
On 7/24/2020 at 4:19 PM, Walkerrr said:



Getting very strong BTSX vibes from the first few shots. Nice work.

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On 7/24/2020 at 11:19 PM, Walkerrr said:

Hello, I invite you to see and play my maps and give me a feedback, that would help me a lot to improve and continue the development of the wad.

Going To hell is a wad designed to play with the Iwad Doom2, you can use the Zdoom or Zandronum port to play it. It consists of a wad with three different themes, starting with tech-base followed by hell and finally castle. So far I have 13 completed maps (10 tech-base, 3 Hell maps) Below I add some Screenshots:































At the moment it is playable with "Ultra Violence" and "Hurt me plenty".

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tw30nkq5ws06pfl/GTH_TEST_13.wad?dl=0


Thank you, I hope you like it!

Absolutely gorgeous job! I got a visual orgasm from the design and details :) I just finished the first level and look forward to continuing.

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Currently working on my very first level that i've started 4 or 5 days ago (i had made a single room months ago to learn the editor). Currently just figuring out the layout for the hub area for this level, and also experimenting with textures and generally trying to pin down some visual consistency (i've also made a machine thingy for decoration, and a voodoo doll conveyor belt for animations to said machine, but i've exported those into prefabs for now), will start working more on the general layout after i'm sure it won't look either bland (which i know it currently does) or inconsistent.

This being my first wad/level, i'm greatly thankful to anyone who might have any tips or advice to share (i've been playing doom for a good while, looked into some technical stuff which is why i'm making a voodoo doll room for my first level, and for context i've played doom den of design to get some idea of the dos and don'ts of level design in Doom) and feel like i already have a pretty good grasp of the editor so far. Oh also, i'm making this for GZDoom (already making use of 3D floors, though none of it can be seen in this screenshot).unknown.png

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Finished the layout of my next Hell Frontier map, rectangular as ever. Can you guess which areas have open sky?


As a bonus, exit monorail.


abstract kind of train.png

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Posted (edited)

Here's a video of my first three maps. Yes, I died a few times on Map03 and fell into one of my inescapable pits on Map02. Only just noticed a few things missing so now going to add them into the maps. Some things didn't show up in gameplay on Map01 but reason is in video description.



Feel free to give feedback if you wish. 

Edited by Mad Dal 85

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Finished the basic layout of the second map. Starting to balk a little at the prospect of doing detail work and monster placement, probably need a better workflow. Still having fun with the project though.


Still need to make more textures too, lol.




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Screenshot of a new map I just started for my Doom mod. Will post more up soon. You will need swimming controls or mouse look enabled for this map. Underwater/swimmable areas in this one.


Edited by Mad Dal 85

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fuck i started working on an eternity project but this thread is making me want to pick up the vanilla heretic episode i was working on last year that i dropped because i started working 55 hours a week

i made this insane dummy sector to make some ice melt into lava while actually hitting the right target sector for the texture and sector effects to pick up
arbuda1.png.8cebef8920bd037322ded627a342fdb3.png dummy sector

arbuda2.png.a21bda276454af845c0b5f9136072f02.png the ice

i was actually pretty proud of a lot of the visuals in this level, not sure if it played the best, heres a screenshot in chocolate heretic

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9th MAP for my first project entitled OVERBUFF'D (BOOM Compatible).  This is my first map where the aesthetic is kinda neat/catchy.  It operates like a bootleg invasion map and you have two turrets that are teammate like (They'll still kill you if you shoot them enough, but will never attack you outright).Screenshot_Doom_20200802_083850.png.f2b52bbf5f69d12dc38f60ce53cbf97b.png


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7 hours ago, IRod54 said:

Latest from me, just a little techy map in a Episode 1 type format 


this looks great - I really love your style!

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