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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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A surprising amount of people liked my post about my work on the Control Tower map in progress. I have now released version 2.00 for testing.



Here's the example of the "before" screenshot.




Here's the same area after I completed the work:




Additional Screenshots:


















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On 2/25/2016 at 6:09 PM, everennui said:

I would love to see everyone's prize masterpiece. If you spent over 50 hours on your map I would love to see it.

I'm currently working on a single map WAD, I don't yet know what to name it, it's going to take place in a big city stuffed to the brim with enemies, and I hope it turns out good!

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17 hours ago, EmptyCell said:

Small piece from map I'm working on.


And with this post, you earned a follower.

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On 9/7/2020 at 6:34 PM, zzzornbringer said:

what's the texture set?


The door might be from DOOM Potpourri texture set that can be downloaded from realm667.com. I used some texture sets from there on my GZDOOM map Plutonium Sandpit a few years ago, and I definitely used that door texture on it too. :)

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    Enrolled in @Walter confetti's 128 kB challenge, and it really helped me speed up my mapping. Managed to bang out a map in 5 days, or 10 hours in total (took me a month each on my previous works). I'm working on an E1 replacement, with the aim of having a full episode of 128 kB or less maps. Vanilla weapons, textures.




I really like the skylight motive, not a lot of vertices, but the light and shadow contrast really gives the place a bit of a life.

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Even with just stock textures, you can do some pretty neat stuff.




(Very early shot of a level under construction. Inspired by work done in Capellan's "Rift" map for Spectrum (E3M6).)


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