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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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Was initially map 2 of Episode 2, I think?  Was entitled "Creepin"



It actually became the final map to Episode 2 after redoing it entirely.  After looking over this map and doing the basic testing, this map is going to be a bitch.  I actually thought of taking it a step further and making all the mud 5% damaging floors, but as of right now I think it's okay to deal with what we got going on now until further testing is done.


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Making some Heretic myself to play, around 30% complete and inspiration is fading. Mehh


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@Salmon I love the creative use you found for that pipes texture on the ceiling. IMO the way you do those interesting distinct shapes, vastly different ceiling heights and seemingly entirely unique "looks" for each area that are still made cohesive with consistent texture usage makes these look AMAZING, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like vanilla textures much. Keep up the good work :)

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If Alexa's developers can do it, who am I to argue :p




The image above is a real screenshot from the Black Cats of Doom mod that I'm working on;
the cats have about 15 sounds that roughly translate into human languages that the 'app' recognises.
Credit to Scuba Steve who pioneered the 'clipboard in hand' weapon trick all those years ago :)


The article about MeowTalk by Alexa's developers is here (screenshot below).


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45 minutes ago, VGA said:

Kotaku article bait mod attempt? I like it!

I had to google Kotaku - this forum sorely needs an age-related-English translation module :) If that's a reply to the cats mod, thanks, I think :) For the record, this mod predates the current fad for 'companion mods' and 'forum bait' by several years but was never released at the time due to Real Life getting in the way. I just love cats and after Lee Killough put dogs in MBF, wanted to see cats in there. While I'm not trying to get it notoriety outside of DW & ZDoom, it'd be nice if it did get noticed ... once it's finished, anyway. It's already at over 3000 lines of ZScript, excluding blanks and comments and there's still a few bugs to fix before it's ready to release an RC. But then, as any cat owner knows, they are far more complicated than most animals!

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21 minutes ago, Cheesewheel said:

Arctic base I made today for a new mapset.



Maybe you wanna take a look to Doom Christmas.
It has plenty of iced edit of the base textures, they would surely look really cool on those outdoor areas

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5 minutes ago, Van Daemon said:

More Tropic Hell 

Let me know if you'd like a playtester/FDA attempts because that looks zany.

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1 minute ago, Mr. LBN said:

Let me know if you'd like a playtester/FDA attempts because that looks zany.

Hey thank you I will keep it in mind! For now I have more work to do before any testing :) 

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A few screenies from a limit-removing megawad I am currently working on. This is E4M5, which I made today. It's kind of a very lite slaughtermap, with under 200 monsters and a PAR time of 3:30










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I decided to import a slightly older stand-alone map to fill the E1M4 slot in my megawad. It is somewhat longer and more linear than the last map, with a PAR time of 6:30, but no less combat focused.




















Also, here's the geometric map of the previous level:




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