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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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2 minutes ago, InTraining said:

Thanks! All my projects before this were vanilla, both in compatibility and art, so there was a big learning curve in using custom textures and have thousands and thousands of options all of sudden. Still feel like every time I scroll through the massive list (courtesy of the lovely AAtex set) I discover new material. 


Just started MAP05 in earnest this morning, hope by the time I wrap up the first five levels I think of some kind of ending for the finale...



Hehe yeah I know that struggle. My doom mapping started with me downloading every known and unknown texture pack from across the interwebs and attempting to navigate that ginormous pile in UDB. It takes some time to pick and choose the texture sets (and even individual textures!) that you want to use. Now I primarily use OTEX and bits and bobs from Duke Nukem, AVP and some custom tex lists provided by another mapper here on Doomworld :)

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I decided that episode enders for the WAD I'm working on won't be speedmaps, so instead of MAP05 today you get MAP06 feat. the most obvious Eviternity II MAP32 visual influence ever seen and inevitable self-rockets



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3 hours ago, AshtralFiend said:





Daaaang that looks awesome. Great work and great pick of textures :) I'm especially in love with those teal / cyan windows in the first image.

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I just finished a 33-map megawad (link below). In order to celebrate, I decided to do some more mapping. It's about 90 % done in terms of architecture, but needs a lot of work on the aesthetics and balancing the gameplay.

This new map will be a standalone release, because I am very much done with big projects for now. 



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