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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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It's not that I'm really "working" on something per se, but I was doing some field testing on PYDDTEX, a compilation I'm making out of as many submissions from the Post Your Doom Textures! thread as possible, and I've been on a real Plutonia kick lately. It might become a full project, might not be, but I thought these two areas I came up with looked pretty neat and definitely fits the vibe. Plus, something about taking established styles in the community and making something of my own "remix" of them tickles me in just the right spots :p



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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, JustAthel said:


Keep us posted!


I'm always looking for large versatile texture packs, w/ lots of themes!


This sounds like it would fit the bill! I've been meaning to use some of those in a project, I just haven't got around to browsing through everything, and picking what I want yet.


A cleaned-up consolidated pack would be very helpful, and might actually make sure those textures get the use they deserve!


Good plan!


EDIT: Your map looks nice, btw - very clean classic aesthetics.




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On 5/10/2024 at 4:31 AM, Gaia74 said:

I tried to map



To be fair, you succeeded ;P Keep at it, it's looking good :)


15 hours ago, CravenCoyote said:

I love the smell of nukage in the morning




Olawd I didn't realise skewed ceiling in this kind of sloping design was a thing I needed in my life. I'll have to incorporate this sort of thing into some of my own maps at some point ^_^

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Just now, Stupid Bunny said:


I like the silver 'artificial' textures juxtaposed w/ the hellish stuff - I've always digged that 'organic machinery' vibe, TBH.


Congrats on nearly completing your megaWAD! Exciting stuff!



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1 hour ago, Stupid Bunny said:

Expecting to finish the last unfinished map of my megawad today, hopefully in next few hours


Hope this machine doesn't do anything mean




Very good!

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Looks pretty believable for me. I know it's still a WIP shot, but i think a dark rock scheme will fit better and gave a more omnious feel.

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1 minute ago, Walter confetti said:


Ah, a good point - I'll make some alterations, I'll see what I can do!


Thanks for your help!



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18 minutes ago, Chookum said:


Looks great!


Looking forward to it!



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Antiquated Extraterrestrials: MAP06: Molten Murder:


I'm done this one!


I experimented w/ designing 3 separate volcano varieties roughly based on real world varieties.


I'm no geologist, obviously - but I think my shield volcano and conical volcanoes look relatively similar to their real-world counterparts! They all scroll their lava down, and I animated them to be warped via ANIMDEFS.


Okay, I know such a thing has likely been done before (making a 'functioning' sector volcano) - but I wanted to give a small tutorial if anyone is interested in making these in GZ/Zandronum UDMF:




I basically raised a thin square middle pole, surrounded it by a larger linedef square, then I drew diagonals from the 4 corners of the larger square to the corners of the square central pole - making 4 trapezoids - I then sloped all 4 trapezoids to the height of the pole in the middle - upon doing that, you'll have a boxy cone looking thing.


Then I went in, and wiggled linedefs around until the slopes partially split, or 'broke' along their diagonal lines - you can then manually lower just a small portion of the volcano, to allow you to make a stream of lava.


You can also 'wiggle' (don't know a better word) the main 4 sides of the entire outer square, and also the central square pole's 4 sides - but be careful, if you want your lava stream to align correctly w/ the floor lava, as this can cause the bottom 'lip' of the lava stream to jut at an awkward angle.


You don't want to mess around w/ too acute of angles in the 'linedef wiggling' stage - you'll end up w/ odd spikes, and juttings. You have to do things fairly subtle. You'll get a feel for what's an 'acceptable' angle very quickly.


You can then highlight all the involved sectors of the volcano, and scroll up or down to more precisely adjust height and steepness of slopes.


Keep in mind that all your portions of the volcano will not perfectly align if you wiggle them - so use a simple patterned / single-colored texture to better obscure these little 'rips' that will form. Use a texture that people won't notice is 'misaligned' if it is in fact, misaligned.


I used an all-black basic 'basalt' looking texture, and this obscures the little 'breaklines' really well.


You can also stuff a bounce pad in the mouth of the volcano using Thing9999 + 'Thing Thrust Z' action. You needn't worry about tags, at all when doing this. Just make sure the Thing9999 is within the sector you want the player to be bounced from, completely - or it won't work, then enter your vertical force value in the corresponding box.


Anyway, here's an aerial in-editor image of the tallest conical volcano - notice how by wiggling the central square's linedefs - that I've formed a very crude linedef octagon - the more sides, the 'smoother' the cone of the volcano - you can likely even mess w/ the curve tool, but I prefer the more jagged 'natural' appearance personally.


I think 8 sides works well, but you could even do something more complex like 16 sides if you were feeling particularly confident that day, or perhaps something simpler  - (I haven't tried):


One last thing: See that circled blue area in the above image? That linedef should not be broken or wiggled at all, if you intend for your lava stream to correctly align w/ a floor plane's texture. Every other linedef can be messed w/, or split / broken to an extent.


Also: You can cut a 4x4u square, and center a burning barrel, or a torch in the middle of it - you can then raise and lower that new 'internal pillar' to adjust the flames' height to your liking. This helps add a little more flavor, and helps 'sell' the volcano effect a bit better, same w/ dropping white/black smoke particle fountains for added smoke. Or a mix of yellow / red particle fountains for the mouth of the volcano, to imitate 'sparks'...


Anyway, just wanted to give a brief explanation - in case anybody was interested!


Let me know if you need any help, I'm no expert, but I've done waaaaaaay too much experimentation w/ this stuff today...






I've got plans for a royal blue/bright cyan combo techbase next!


As w/ all of my maps, some textures may still change / be altered.







Image 1: Entire view of central 'pump-house' building, including top.

Image 2: A better view of the sides of the building, and the main slope ramp + adjacent bouncepads.

Image 3: A tall stratovolcano w/ a green armor nestled in the top.

Image 4: A shield volcano (left) and a shorter stratovolcano (right).


Off to bed! I'm exhausted!


Should be done this pack real soon - I'm speeding along!!




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On 5/9/2024 at 9:47 AM, RDETalus said:

The teleport method works in GZDoom, but doesn't work in Woof! or PrBoom+.


Going a bit offtopic, but: I used to have a short invisible object in the wall on a (hidden) conveyor, that was prevented by travelling by being stuck on a in-world barrel. Destroying the barrel would release this object to travel over the conveyor and trigger actions (such as moving floors/ceilings) etc.


It does require sacrificing a thingtype when aiming for ports with only dehacked support. And for best result the barrel ought to spawn a seperate explosion thing in order to make it look good (because the object becomes unstuck only at the last frame of the barrel's death sequence). And that makes it quite expensive in thingtype real estate.

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I have a Christmas Wad where you play as small as a Doom guy under a large Christmas tree surrounded by various presents, popcorn tin cans, Lego Blocks, Christmas Lights and Ornaments etc..  I thought it sounded very fun so I need to keep working on it someday. 

I haven't finished it because im better at playing wads than finishing them.



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