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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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I had two projects going with vastly different themes... the thing was, neither of them felt big enough on their own for a standalone release.

So in a stroke of extreme desperation genius, I decided that the best course of action was to, of course, merge them into one map, and do major restructuring to both to make them fit the "traveling back and forth" gimmick.  And now, I'm tempted to add a third just for the sake of filling out the theme. Anyone have any ideas as to what theme would fit in well with Gothic and Techbase ones?

PAPERPROJECT (edit area) at 2017.12.09 15-20-29.941 [R2787].jpg

PAPERPROJECT (edit area) at 2017.12.09 15-21-43.093 [R2787].jpg

PAPERPROJECT (edit area) at 2017.12.09 15-21-58.730 [R2787].jpg

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10 minutes ago, Major Arlene said:

I'm working on a 150 Hell Knights in a Square Room map as a joke. I dunno what happened to the thread that lead to that conversation, but I'm still making the map. You guys can see it when it's done- nothing really ground breaking, I can assure you.

Just sayin, but a community megawad that's 32 maps of 150 hellknights in a square room would be interesting... I know I'd sure be interested in contributing to a project such as that. In fact...

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36 minutes ago, THMG said:

Just sayin, but a community megawad that's 32 maps of 150 hellknights in a square room would be interesting... I know I'd sure be interested in contributing to a project such as that. In fact...

YES. Let's do it.

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36 minutes ago, Impie said:


Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever made.

Just make Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde 3D already :P

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On ‎12‎/‎9‎/‎2017 at 11:41 AM, 40oz said:


Nice work! The architecture of your buildings and the new textures are very nice. Do you make your own textures? If so, it's driving me crazy that the floors don't seem to match the color or brightness of the surrounding walls. I hope that's because its still WIP.

Sorry for the late reply, I had to fly out of state to another to sign up for classes since I'm moving.  A lot of the ceiling and floor textures are just fillers to get a mood started while I progress in making the map.  Also, I haven't set any brightness in the map yet but it will be different from what you see.  I usually do geometry first, then texturize, then brightness, then monsters and items and all that good stuff.  Sometimes I jump ahead and texturize some areas lightly while some ideas are fresh in my head, but I have about 6000 textures I sift through to make sure I have one that fits the best.  I have never made a texture, just taken what I've seen from various wads and texture packs.  You definitely see some Quake III and BTSX in the shots I took, along with some Wheel of Time and Anachronox.  I've been checking out the Doom 3 texture pack for Doom 2 and I might even add more textures into the mix.  I'm glad you like what you see so far, and I hope you and others stay tuned over the next month or 2 to see the final pics for map 9.  I forgot to add I also converted all my maps to UDMF format so I'm still playing with some features in it, but I have a previous map I created posted around page 32 of this thread if you want to check out some of the work I've done prior.  Map 8 was my baby so far lol.

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On 14/12/2017 at 5:04 AM, Expolision Studios said:

I'm making a Map called "The Fortress of Darkness" its a satanic castle. It's got dark atmospheres, creepy flickering lights, and darkened imps.

These look nice! Just remember to not make the rooms TOO dark. Even though it may be fine for you because you know where to do, players that are new to the map wont enjoy going around in complete darkness. Make sure the player can see.


Also in your first picture i'd suggest pulling those two vine walls out a bit so both those face textures fit neatly on the wall, I think you'd enjoy the results. But it looks really nice! is it your first map?

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Thanks Phade102, and yes, this is my first map, but I've had a lot of practice on the past making others and this just happens to be the best one. 


I think I can understand what you mean about the Too Dark areas of the map, and I was a little afraid of that, but I'm glad the rest of it turned out nicely! 


I meant to add a link to it in the post, but I guess I forgot. XD


Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

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I made a randomizer, because my Internet was out and I was disappointed that most randomizers add new assets or aren't 100% random.


Deviantart link RIP.


I've also had an idea to make a wad where all the maps are named after songs and are based off the tone and lyrics of the song. I've made 3 different versions, each with 1 map (Less Than [NIN], King King 33 [MM, all time fav song], and Somewhat Damaged [NIN] respectively). I have sketches for Head Like a Hole (NIN), Sargent D (SOD), and The Day the Whole World Went Away (NIN). I played to have like 15-20 maps. I'm not very good at level design.

Hopefully someone can reuse the idea and make a better wad.

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Looks like it might be a little on the flat side, but I'm digging the textures and general look; great first effort!

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First map? Oh wow, for a first try it looks amazing. Looking forward to trying it out.


Also maps of such quality really make me wonder what will happen when I'll have time to learn mapping, not expecting to achieve anything similar anytime soon, maybe ever.

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