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what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

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1 minute ago, Novaseer said:

Why the massive empty sector?

i'm gradually turning it into a valley of that shape or there abouts!

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Just now, yakfak said:

i'm gradually turning it into a valley of that shape or there abouts!

Ah, makes sense.

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2 hours ago, Deadwing said:


Nice! The texturing is really solid and the ending of map 1 + map 2 has some solid shapes and cool layouts. Some suggestions from what I've seen:


- Avoid to use doors, except when they're really necessary. They reinforce a room-to-room layout which is usually a lot predictable. IMO, doors should only be used for locked ones and exit, with few exceptions.

- The texturing is really nice on map 1, but there's lots of hallways connecting isolated rooms, especially in the first section. Try to demolish some walls (or create windows) and make some rooms more integrated.


- Map 1 could definetly have some different music.

I took your advise and extended some of the areas of map01 into eachother and it looks a whole lot better. Also removed some doors I felt were unnecessary in map02 and it honestly improved the flow of the map by quite a lot. Thanks for the input on that, I appreciate it a lot!


As far as map01's music goes, trust me. D_RUNNIN is not gonna be in the final version. I just still haven't found I song I want to use to replace it :V

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Remaking and re-imagining the levels I made for Titan's Pass, as the original is inaccessible due to my past ineptitude.

Here's a secret area from MAP01.

(The left wall is a placeholder - I'm planning on having it look over another part of the level)


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3 hours ago, YukiRaven said:


I got bored last night and decided to turn part of UoF into a titlemap for it. Then I turned it into a teaser because why not XD


Thanks to Dragonfly for the "breathing" camera suggestion.

fangirling commencing in....




MAH BODY IS READY!! (I guess this is why they call it a teaser, eh? ;) )

sorry, just had to get that out. seriously though, I know how hard you work on your maps, so I know this will be nothing short of awesome. I'm so looking forward to playing this!!

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Before I'll be finishing my Open World wad, here's a WAD I am making. This is the 4th level of my 12-level wad "Twisted From Hell". This level is a "Not-A-Shotgun-Friendly" map cause I want people to try the best of their skills using other weapons.




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On 3/3/2018 at 10:49 AM, pcorf said:

my upcoming Ultimate Doom megawad.


Exciting. Personally, I would kill for a megawad for The Ultimate Doom in the style of Zone 300.

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I'm currently working on a mod I'm titling Total Doom. It mostly focuses on adding alternate fires for the current weapons, and that's what the first version is going to include. It won't have the assault rifle I'm planning for it to have, and it'll have its own 10-12 map campaign that I'll work on after I call the main Total Doom mod finished.


This is a mockup I did for the Super Shotgun. In Total Doom, the Super Shotgun's alt fire is supposed to be a little melee jab, so I'm gonna put spikes on the end of the SSG (that's what that chunk of pixels on the bottom of the barrel is). https://www.piskelapp.com/p/agxzfnBpc2tlbC1hcHByEwsSBlBpc2tlbBiAgMDL4-ysCAw/view

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Working on MAP02 of my redesigned WAD.


You might be able to see a secret switch from this shot. Note: it's not an actual switch.


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Just started a second map for the wad that i submited for the vinesauce competition last month

It's been barely started, but i kinda see how the final results are gonna play out

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im probably late to teh party but .bex lets you have moving power-ups

here are some friendly blur spheres

they don't actually COLLECT unless you move at them - they float straight through you if you're still

but its a lovely cute effect anyway

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3 minutes ago, ukiro said:

put some more work into this hellish arena thing. (I'm slow because I keep making new textures instead of mapping with what I have)



Every screenshot from you is like the tear of an unicorn and I need it now.


This for that anniversary project you planning or somethin' else?

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