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Perilous Pear

A few questions

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Can any of you guys help me out with this, any help is appreciated:

1. A link to a editor which can make some monsters friendly/allies
2. Is it possible to spawn a marine with it's own AI (bot)
3. Can you make a floor above an already existing floor?
4. Any way to make text appear on screen during gameplay?

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Hey Perilous Pear unfortunately I don't have any direct links but I can tell you that everything you want is possible. However some can be more tricky than others.

1. As far as I'm aware all current editors can do what you wish IF you use a mapping format that supports it. I wouldn't be surprised they all do though. So Doom Builder 2 and GZDoomBuilder will do you good.

2. This may be a sourceport thing but quite possibly another editing format. I can confirm the SourcePort Zandronum and the editing format UDMF has both friendly marines and actor marines for scripting / event purposes.

3. Technically the engine says no. However, with modern editing formats (again I refer to UDMF) you can make 3D floors. So essentially you can make unlimited levels in a room except you must be aware any linedef actions and quite possibly sound is shared on all levels, as if it's still just one room.

4. If by print you will need to learn some basic ACS Scripting. Be aware Scripting, much like the other features you want is limited to - you guessed right - the editing format you choose. UDMF is a safe bet. There is a script for "PrintBold" and you can place whatever text you want and it will show on screen. If you want intermission Text between levels like in Doom 2 chapters you need to edit the clusters by using the program Slade 3 and creating / editing the MapInfo text file.

A big thing to Note - It is evident that UDMF format offers the most features in Doom editing. So why shouldn't everyone use it all the time? People don't because UDMF requires Modern Source Ports to run their maps. So ZDoom, GZDoom and Zandronum for example. Quite a large portion of Doom's player base uses vanilla and limit removing vanilla based sourceports such as the renown Chocolate Doom. So if you're planning to map a wad for players beyond yourself to play and want as many as possible then consider not using UDMF - resulting in losing ACS Scripting and 3D floors.

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Short answer: Yes to everything if you're using UDMF for your levels. Get GZDoom Builder and play around with it:

1. Setting monsters and whatnot to friendly is easy in UDMF, as it's literally nothing more than ticking a box on Thing properties. There are a few predefined Marine actors in ZDoom that you can apply this Friendly flag to and they'll wander around blasting any monsters that they encounter, but keep in mind that they're limited to the same basic AI as the monsters themselves and won't behave in any manner that could convince anyone that they're other players (so they're not true 'bots').
2. This project gives "fake" bots that are much more player-like but are still limited in some ways, so they won't exactly be solving any puzzles.
3. Yes, with the use of dummy sectors and tags and all the other funderful stuff you'll have to get to grips with. A lot easier than it may seem at first.
4. Yes. Scripting and all that bumph allows this and much more: http://zdoom.org/wiki/A_quick_beginner's_guide_to_ACS

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