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Are there any other solutions to this... (Doomed in Space Map)

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In my MAP18 for, "Doomed in Space", I have a lift (floor lower) it is tagged 8. I set up custom triggers so that they'd be faster, but when I walk past one of one too fast it doesn't go back up. It's not really a huge deal, but it bugs me a little bit.


That's the wad if anyone wants to look at it, I've put the spawn point right in front of the lift, so you just have to walk forward

Edit: I jumped the gun and started my map before I was on the list so the map is actually MAP17.

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Due to the fact that Doom engine executes special linedefs in arbitrary order when you run over multiple ones in the same tic, and that already executed walkover specials can't be re-executed until at least one of the target sectors finishes movement, I don't think there's a way to set up your walkovers to always behave properly conveniently. So I recommend you to use press-use-activated switches manually operated by the player, one to descend the lift and one to ascend it.

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