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Wolfenstein type levels....

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Not long ago, I had the great pleasure of playing this:
WolfenDoomed by Paul Corfiatis

It got me wondering if there are other wads like this that I'm missing out on. I know about WolfenDoom itself and some of the other total conversion style mods for Doom that create proper Wolfenstein games, but I was wondering if there's any more map packs or wads like this that I don't know about. Just Doom levels with a heavy SS presence and Wolfenstein theme like WolfenDoomed there has.

Thanks for reading, regardless. :)

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Thanks for linking this, these are great fun! Not exactly what you're looking for, but if you're looking for a Wolf3D fix ECWolf is a brilliant sourceport that has some amazing mods such as Operation Serpent and Return to Totenhaus. I mentioned these because with ECWolf's capability to directly bind strafe keys and unlimited mouse turn speed it can be made to feel more Doomlike, but they're just as fun with classic controls.

I'm sure someone else knows some proper Doom wads in the style of Wolf though.

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I've actually been interested in a different approach: Wolfenstein aesthetic maps that fully utilize the Doom engine features, like elevations, angles, light, etc.

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Not sure if this is appropriate or not but here's a shameless self promotion.

It's a compilation of maps I've created over the last while merged with a Wolfendoom decorate that I have been working on. This is not a completed Wolfenstein level pack and could be completed over the course of a coffee break. Some of the sounds are placeholders and will be replaced.

Anyways, here's the DL.

All levels were designed for use with GZDoom or Zandronum.

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Hey, thanks for all the suggestions and the like. Ive dabbled with ECWolf some, and plan to do so some more.

Double Impact looks very very familiar, and I'm almost positive I played it not that long ago. Some things, after so many mods and wads, kind of become a blur. LOL Hence why I was looking for a very Nazi focused experience. Change it up. Or maybe I just can't get my mind away from The New Order and Old Blood just yet.

I'm really liking the looks of your mod there Voltcom9, I like it so far. I look forward to seeing it finished. You just need to throw some more SS in there. :)

Also, Ive played Whispers of Satan. It is hands down one of my fave wads ever. If not fave period. It only ties with 2002: A Doom Odyssey, I think....

I really wish Paul Corfiatis would make more levels. Wolfenstein style, regular style, something totally new, hell, Ill play anything he makes.

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I played Incineration. Loved it. Haven't gotten to Doomed Space Wars yet. Soon hopefully. I have a backlog. I appreciate all the suggestions, even if it did get sort of off topic into how awesome Paul Corfiatis is. But hey, I don't mind that. Hope he doesn't.

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scifista42 said:

He made Doomed Space Wars recently, and Incineration before that.

And in fact, Space Wars has a Wolfenstein-inspired secret level.

Personally, I'd love pcorf to release a PSX-inspired megawad; my favorite Space Wars map was the PSX-style secret level.

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