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C++ puzzle game

How catchy is this game?  

2 members have voted

  1. 1. How catchy is this game?

    • It sucks arse! Doesnt work at all!
    • I played it less than 10 minutes, boring!
    • I played it less than 1 hour
    • I played more than 1 hour

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Hi, I made this game as a little warm-up before I start to program a first person shooter.

64bit Windows:

32bit Windows:

It plays similar to Supaplex, if you remember that one.



PS: If it doesnt work, it would help me from you to report bugs. Its not enough to say that it sucks in poll.

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Aliotroph?: Hold on, I know what I must do. All textures must be loaded again after settings change, I added precached glyphs today and forgotten this. Wait a minute for upload a fix...

Link updated with fix.

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