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Phobos Anomaly

Who wrote "The Story So Far"?

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So, I've always wondered: who wrote the perfectly campy "The Story So Far" from the DOOM instruction manual? Or the entire manual for that matter? John Romero remarks in Double Fine's "Devs Play" series that Sandy Petersen wrote the ending text for each episode, so I would assume he wrote the manual and the back story, but I'm not sure.

I've tried looking for an answer both with the forum's search function and on the DOOM wiki, to no avail. I'm not sure if it has been answered!

Anyone have an idea, or perhaps know for sure?

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Probably all of id Software. They all contributed to the concept. Who exactly typed up the final draft IdK.

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Doom 1 is probably my favorite story write-up for a 90s 2.5D shooter. I admit I'm a sucker for them.

Actually scratch that the bare-bones lore of Heretic and Hexen are my favorite. Hexen II's manual though had a lot of background info that wasn't shown in the game, bit of a shame, whoever wrote those did a pretty good job of fleshing out the universe more.

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