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Looking for some input on my first bunch of maps

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Hi there.
About a week ago I wanted to play KaizoDoom. KaizoDoom apparently doesn't exist, so I started making KaizoDoom. Got four levels done by now, so I am looking for some input on difficulty and curve. The goal is to have reasonably short and digestable levels that are not designed to frustrate players, but to mess up their progress in order to make them reconsider their failed approaches. They are essentially puzzles. ;)
The maps are made with vanilla mechanics in mind, so I strongly recommend you play them in ChocolateDoom. The only other sourceport I tested is Doomsday, and while there are no major issues, some parts are considerably easier to play through in Doomsday because of differences in player movement.

One tip in case you need it:


To force a pistol start, most maps require you to do a suicide exit, so if you happen to find a Rocket Launcher, you might wanna save a rocket.

(requires Doom II: Hell on Earth)

And here's a bunch of screenshots:

Level 2 currently is an alteration of the vanilla Doom II level 2, this will probably change at some point considering the /idgames archive doesn't allow wads with edited vanilla levels.
Obviously you should play this without jumping/crouching/freelook. ;)

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Ribbiks said:

strangely entertaining. I like small gimmick stuff like this :D

here's some demos, beat all but m02, wasn't really feeling that one. https://www.mediafire.com/?z5p4ewq4d3b52n8

m04 obviously had the most effort spent on it, though m01/m03 were cute as one-off affairs.

Hey, thanks for the demos.
I think it is a good idea to switch between small and short challenge levels and "normal" ones to prevent player fatigue.

You did pretty good in m04, maybe I can still remove some ammo and health in that one. ;)

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