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Any way to disable Brutal Doom graphics effects?

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The projectiles are too bright and annoying especially in maps with a lot of enemies where I can't even see the mob that is blasting at me because their shit blinds me I remember one version had a mutator that disabled them but couldn't find anything for 20b.

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vadrig4r said:

Decay said:

try loading doom.wad or doom2.wad by themselves that should solve the problem.

TheMionicDonut said:

Don't play Brutal Doom?

I don't care very much about the subject (and funny enought I'm not a fan of Brutal Doom) but BD is a mod like any other (I'd say it's technically better than quite a lot of other mods, even if it's not my cup of tea). If you don't like it just move on and don't read posts about BD, but if you just like to be on the BD hate circlejerk then I'm sorry for you, you could be having fun with your favorite mod/game of choice or even being productive on something else instead.

Kaminsky said:

Play Smooth Doom instead.

Maybe he likes BD's other features.

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If you know how to use SLADE, you can edit the GLDEFS lump but expect to go through a bunch of entries since the PK3 is a mess, especially the actor lumps.

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Taking advantage of this thread... Is there a way to play Brutal Doom without liquid animated flats being replaced? Vanilla maps that use those flat names for new animated flats get ruined.

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