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Mechanix / Spitfire Need beta test!

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Hello it's me again, i'm making a very hard/ Slaughterfest wad named Heaven of Hell and i have already 2 maps almost ready, so i need people to test it and give feedback.

*Mechanix is map 1 and Spitfire is map 5
*Spitfire may cause fps drops, i suggest play it using GZDoom
*Both maps have Speedrun tricks and secrets

In the future i would like to turn this into a community wad like, maybe a megawad... dont know yet

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xt8yw2mubdlp2vl/Heaven+of+Hell.wad



Thanks and don't forget to comment!

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holy hell those look fantastic dude. they're meant to be played in (G)ZDoom, I assume?

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