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DUMP Episode 2: Dump Harder [RELEASED]

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For 2016, I really want to better my mapping abilities and put out some good stuff. Two friends, Mystical and Gardevoir, said that a good experiment might be to try speedmapping. Just get the shit out of the mind and into the editor, stream-of-consciousness work. 4-6 hours, Zandro compatibility, vanilla monsters/weapons. DUMP 1 began and it was a success, bringing a whole bunch of me and my friends into ZDoom mapping and just churning things out.
Then another friend, AD_79, suggested I open it up to the public. I did, and the response was overwhelming. An unfathomable amount of people signed up for this, and we ended up with a grand total of 68 maps. A hub map, 64 normal maps, a secret map, a final map, and a Marathon map (of all things).

As before, we now present to you a small hub leading to a handful of different maps. Beat X amount of maps to unlock the exit, with X being a variable depending on the difficulty level (ITYTD only requires a handful of maps, Nightmare requires EVERY SINGLE MAP), and defeat the final boss to win.
Gameplay mods should be supported, though there's been trouble in Zandronum so it may be better to use them in ZDoom/GZDoom. Pistol start is enforced, and monsters are vanilla (except for the Final Boss).

As before, the primary purpose of this project is to have a way for all of the newbies to try and push over that initial hump together, to MAKE something. It's the usual pile of quality you'll expect from a gigawad of MyFirstZDoomMap.wad, but it was fun to band together to make shit.
Again, as before, please feel free to point out any issues, troubles, errors, imbalances, and etc about the maps. Don't feel the need to sugarcoat, give it to us straight--none of us are pro-tier mappers. We can't improve if we don't know what's wrong.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/3fdoryy910uok3j/DUMP-2.pk3?dl=1 (73.4 mb)
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4p2zWkJEFFtQktQazNwVXJXczg/view?usp=sharing (mirror)




Titlepic by Kinsie
Titlemusic from Sparkster
Win music from Crystal Beans

MAP01: Hub
Mapper: Agaures
Music: The Lawnmower Man - The Cyber Tube
Textures: Self-made

MAP02: Tennis Ball Assault
Mapper: ThreeChainLinks
Music: Mystic Towers - Atmosphere 4
Textures: N/A

MAP03: UAC Outpost Delta
Mapper: VBob
Music: Tony Fonager - uprfont_tune_1.mod
Textures: N/A

MAP04: Blood Lake Rec. Facility
Mapper: bioshockfan90
Music: Alien 3 - Prisoner Mission (v2.0)
Textures: N/A

MAP05: Hell Infested Mine
Mapper: Simple.exe
Music: Bjorn Lynne - Let's Go
Textures: N/A

MAP06: Valley of Saturn
Mapper: Haze Bandicoot
Music: necros - Escape
Textures: N/A

Mapper: ijon
Music: Plutonia MIDI Pack - Lippeth - MAP17: Massacre Machine
Textures: cc4-tex.wad

MAP08: Untitled Map
Mapper: TheMightyHeracross
Music: Heretic - E1M5
Textures: N/A

MAP09: Lewd.
Mapper: Kinsie
Music: Real Tournament - Funksta2
Textures: Eradicator / Chasm: The Rift / Duke Nukem 3D / PSX Doom / Doom 64 / Fight For Life

MAP10: Untitled Map
Mapper: DeviantTeist
Music: beathawk - me is person
Textures: N/A

MAP11: Defecation Foundation
Mapper: Dr. Stein
Music: ToneDEF - not a happy camper
Textures: N/A

MAP12: UAC Fucked Up Again
Mapper: Project_ILE
Music: Unreal Tournament '99 - BOTMCA#10
Textures: N/A

MAP13: The Shores of Heck
Mapper: TerminusEst13
Music: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Beach Bunny / Norrin Radd - Quantum Uncertainty
Textures: NB_RECOL.wad / Heretic (skybox)

MAP14: Dark and Dreary
Mapper: The Gay Agenda
Music: SlayeR - Mystic
Textures: N/A

MAP15: The Sky Guardian
Mapper: Eidolon
Music: Toshiharu Yamanishi - Great Sea Power
Textures: N/A

MAP16: The Government Tech Base
Mapper: Luigi2600
Music: Soundgarden - Black Holesun
Textures: N/A

MAP17: The Tag Labs
Mapper: UndeadRyker
Music: Partners in Rhyme - 99WY
Textures: N/A

MAP18: RNG Land
Mapper: Jukem
Music: The Urban - Cyborg Project
Textures: cc4-tex.wad

MAP19: Lack of Depth Perception
Mapper: Dukka
Music: nighthawk - Jet Lag
Textures: N/A

MAP20: Cryogenetics Lab
Mapper: Rifle Marine
Music: TNT: Evilution - D_MESSAGE
Textures: Alien Vendetta

MAP21: Under the Island
Mapper: Wivicer
Music: omikron - doomed 1993
Textures: Skulltag

Mapper: Anonymous
Music: Unknown
Textures: N/A

MAP23: Scareware
Mapper: Sgt. Shivers
Music: STRAIN - Dispensary Beta
Textures: STRAIN

MAP24: Ancient Ruins
Mapper: comet1338
Music: PRIMEVAL - Stone Halls
Textures: Realm667

MAP25: Welcome to Hoppishi Temple!
Mapper: Kurashiki
Music: HyoChan - Kopings Kebabpizza
Textures: cc4-tex.wad

MAP26: Rooftop Rumble
Mapper: Cpn. Chookum!
Music: Rise of the Triad - Going Down the Fast Way
Textures: N/A

MAP27: Crimson Evening
Mapper: Thanuris
Music: CastleVania: Bloodlines - Reincarnated Soul, Part 2
Textures: HeXen: Beyond Heretic

MAP28: The Volcanic Oasis
Mapper: Shadow Hog
Music: Gauntlet IV - Transparent Obstacle
Textures: Heretic / Strife / Vectorman 2
Lava bubbling is a 11025Hz mono version of Lava_loop.wav by Audionautics,
downloaded from Freesound.org, and is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

MAP29: Nukage Lab
Mapper: Hellser
Music: Unknown Track
Textures: N/A

MAP30: Valley
Mapper: Guardsoul
Music: Xaser - Zen Dynamics
Textures: Skulltag / Duke Nukem 3D / nb_recol.wad

MAP31: Ominous Cave Name Long Forgotten
Mapper: abbuw
Music: Dimensions / front 6 - Introduction to HELL / nagz - MyDogLivesOnTheMoon / Xaser - Zen Dynamics
Textures: Original work

MAP32: Throughfare
Mapper: Eevee
Music: warlord - Back in 1982
Textures: N/A

MAP33: Rad-II
Mapper: Derprandal
Music: Jazz Jackrabbit - Laboratory

MAP34: Spikes on the Point
Mapper: Cactus Hege
Music: TMNT: Tournament Fighters - Metal Works
Textures: N/A

MAP35: For All Kings
Mapper: SoundofDoomDoors
Music: Majin Tensei 2 - Devil Dance
Textures: N/A

MAP36: Dead On Arrival
Mapper: Anonymous
Music: ViPeR - Evil Corporation
Textures: Doom 64 / Duke Nukem 3D / Anachronox

MAP37: Towers of Fault
Mapper: Kribbulous
Music: Original track by Kribbulous
Textures: TNT2

MAP38: The Sky Tower
Mapper: Untitled
Music: Jester - Cyberride

Mapper: Anonymous
Music: F-Zero - Port Town
Textures: N/A

MAP40: wat.
Mapper: Dansco
Music: Zalza and Floppi - Alanya Spring
Textures: N/A

MAP41: Fountain of Filth
Mapper: Action Max
Music: Bucket - Plutocrat
Textures: Quake / 2muchbrown

MAP42: Mostly red and brown
Mapper: Worm318
Music: Doom - Deep Into the Code
Textures: N/A

MAP43: PinchyTech Enterprises
Mapper: Pinchy
Music: James Paddock - Infuriation
Textures: Unknown

MAP44: Dump Rocky Circuit
Mapper: Espeon
Music: Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace
Textures: Unknown

MAP45: The 4th dimension
Mapper: N30N1UM
Music: LizardKing - Hungry
Textures: HeXen: Beyond Heretic

MAP46: Doomguy Jones and the Temple of ZDoom
Mapper: universalquantifier
Music: Unknown Artist - CAVERNS OF ABYSMAL
Textures: Plutonia

MAP47: Infested
Mapper: kraja
Music: Iron Maiden - Two Minutes to Midnight
Textures: N/A

MAP48: Green and Purple
Mapper: Gardevoir & Guardsoul
Music: Cirdan - Starscreamer / Gilmore - Destructive
Textures: agaures

MAP49: Sinpenny Castle
Mapper: Deviluke Roy
Music: Super Mario World - Castle
Textures: N/A

MAP50: Zio Matrix Arms Mfg. Planet
Mapper: Lord Mordecai
Music: Manuel David Celis Fernandez - Armored Core Shape Memory Alloys
Textures: Armored Core

MAP51: Crowd Control
Mapper: Laggy Blazko
Music: Jazz Jackrabbit - Medieval Jam
Textures: Strife

MAP52: Temple of Waves
Mapper: Minesae Hiromu
Music: GTO - Hurry Up!!
Textures: N/A

MAP53: Witchsgraven
Mapper: KeksDose
Music: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Bloodlines Bequethed
Textures: Edited Doom textures

MAP54: Dark Echo
Mapper: ShadowLink223
Music: Dark Vengeance - 04
Textures: N/A

MAP55: Hexagons
Mapper: AtroNx
Music: alcorhythm - synchronized_minds
Textures: Violence

MAP56: Shadow Arena
Mapper: Henix_Aurorus
Music: Mr.Nik/Flash Inc. - Hell Gates
Textures: DrDoctor / Dusk

MAP57: Black Metal Fortress
Mapper: Mor'ladim
Music: Mega Man 7 - Wily Stage 1 / Brawl Brothers - Down in the Sewers / Jurassic Park 2 - Raptor Attack / Chrono Trigger - Tyran Castle / The Lawnmower Man - Main Theme / Lufia 2 - Battle #2 / Contra III - Neo Kobe Factory
Textures: Original

MAP58: Water Processing Plant or Something
Mapper: Infirnex
Music: Teque - Dream Tear Down
Textures: cc4-tex.wad

MAP59: Price of Failure
Mapper: Yholl
Music: Darkmind - Jerry / Final Journey to the Abyss (Remix) - Euji Acha & Sector X-10h
Textures: psytex.wad / cc4-tex.wad / Cage / osjclatchford

Mapper: Caprice_CS
Music: Super Metroid - Lower Norfair
Textures: N/A

MAP61: Overtaken Base
Mapper: The Purple Marine
Music: Ghost Sweeper Mikami - Crazy Woods
Textures: N/A

MAP62: idudis
Mapper: asciiDoughnut
Music: Cybernator - We've Gotta Do It
Textures: N/A

MAP63: Chicken Map to Go 1
Mapper: Cpn. Chookum!
Music: Spiderman & Venom: Separation Anxiety - Underground City
Textures: N/A

MAP64: Chicken Map to Go 2
Mapper: Cpn. Chookum!
Music: Ranger-X - Desert
Textures: N/A

MAP65: Evil Library
Mapper: abelard_tullus
Music: Super CastleVania IV - Cellar
Textures: N/A

SECRET1: slowmapping
Mapper: soosiya_san
Music: N/A
Textures: N/A

MAPFINAL: iD Offices
Mapper: Sgt. Shivers
Music: Doom (SNES), Sign of Evil / Rise of the Triad - Boss Battle
Textures: Commander Keen


D::::::::::::DDD    U::::::U     U::::::UM:::::::M             M:::::::MP::::::::::::::::P  
D:::::::::::::::DD  U::::::U     U::::::UM::::::::M           M::::::::MP::::::PPPPPP:::::P 
DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D UU:::::U     U:::::UUM:::::::::M         M:::::::::MPP:::::P     P:::::P
  D:::::D    D:::::D U:::::U     U:::::U M::::::::::M       M::::::::::M  P::::P     P:::::P
  D:::::D     D:::::DU:::::D     D:::::U M:::::::::::M     M:::::::::::M  P::::P     P:::::P
  D:::::D     D:::::DU:::::D     D:::::U M:::::::M::::M   M::::M:::::::M  P::::PPPPPP:::::P 
  D:::::D     D:::::DU:::::D     D:::::U M::::::M M::::M M::::M M::::::M  P:::::::::::::PP  
  D:::::D     D:::::DU:::::D     D:::::U M::::::M  M::::M::::M  M::::::M  P::::PPPPPPPPP    
  D:::::D     D:::::DU:::::D     D:::::U M::::::M   M:::::::M   M::::::M  P::::P            
  D:::::D     D:::::DU:::::D     D:::::U M::::::M    M:::::M    M::::::M  P::::P            
  D:::::D    D:::::D U::::::U   U::::::U M::::::M     MMMMM     M::::::M  P::::P            
DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D  U:::::::UUU:::::::U M::::::M               M::::::MPP::::::PP          
D:::::::::::::::DD    UU:::::::::::::UU  M::::::M               M::::::MP::::::::P          
D::::::::::::DDD        UU:::::::::UU    M::::::M               M::::::MP::::::::P          
.__              .  .       ,        ,   .  .                  .__                 , 
|  \ _  _ ._ _   |  |._  __-+- _.._.-+-  |\/| _.._ ._ *._  _   [__)._. _   * _  _.-+-
|__/(_)(_)[ | )  |__|[_)_)  | (_][   |   |  |(_][_)[_)|[ )(_]  |   [  (_)  |(/,(_. | 
                     |                          |  |      ._|            ._|         

(Also thanks to AD_79 for convincing me to get off my ass to make a post)

The first DUMP was pretty cool.
The Doom Upstart Mapping Project (or DUMP because we are professionals) is a project spearheaded by one goal: Learn how2map by JUST FUCKING DO IT.
but sir that isn't proper grammaI DON'T GIVE A SIIIIINGLE SHIIIIIT
It's a circle for newbies to try their hand at mapping, it's a way for rookies to try and polish their skills and grind out the usual "gotta get better by doing it!", it's a way for veterans to get out of their comfort zone and try something different, it's a way for people who've wanted to mod but felt too shy about joining something to have a project they can point to and say "I made something".

The rules are simple: Make a ZDoom speedmap. No, seriously, just do it. Open up GZDoom Builder, draw shapes, connect them together, slap in enemies and weapons, BAM, you have a map.

<wildweasel> You do say "speedmap" in the thread though
<wildweasel> is there any formal time limit?
<wildweasel> or does "speedmap" pretty much just mean "go with the flow, make some rooms, don't bother detailing them if you don't know what to do"?
<TerminusEst13> Yeah, pretty much that.

Well unless you're BORING and want technical specifications, in which case:
- Bare minimum of compatibility is Zandronum 2.1.2 in software mode. While this really isn't much of a limitation, locked linedefs in UDMF have been known to trip people up. (Hint: Use Script Locked Execute to bypass this, or if you don't know how to use it, don't worry and use your locked linedefs like normal, I'll patch it up in the "polish" phase)
- New textures are allowed, just be mindful they don't clash with existing filenames. That'll be embarrassing!
- No new weapons, no new enemies. Compatibility with gameplay mods/enemy mods is important. The only exception will be the final map for a dramatic final battle, and even then I'll be handling that. MAYBE for the secret map. MAYBE.
- Jumping and crouching WILL be allowed in the maps. It's a ZDoom-based mapset. Pretty straightforward, here.
- Don't go hog-wild and try to create Phocas 2 in a week. Seriously, don't. Start small. Start simple. Polish it up. Fine-tune it. Tweak it. Then sit on it. Then come back to it and tweak it a little more. You'll be amazed at how fast time flies.
- Pistol start will be enforced, so don't make a map expecting the player to have a BFG loadout.
- Be open to criticism and feedback. Nobody here is a professional. Very few people are actually good. Your map will probably have flaws, errors, and things that need tweak.
- Music needs to be either module music or MIDI music, module music preferred. Let's not bloat with ~*~FILESIZE~*~. If you don't know where to pick up module music, head to http://modarchive.org/ and hit "Random Song" a lot or go to http://snesmusic.org/ and pick your favorite Super Nintendo song. There's some good shit there. Promise. Or feel free to leave it to me if you don't care or don't have any ideas.
- As above, be open to someone else tweaking your map. Being the project lead, I'm going to need to make some changes to things in order to make things work. I'm gonna rub my little hands all over your baby. Ohhhh yessssss. That's a niiiice baby. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
- If you make, like, a 1x1 box, a gauntlet of zombiemen, or some kind of super-shitty nothing-but-a-corridor-and-20-cyberdemons, I'm not gonna include your map. I'm still exercising a modicum of quality control. Put some effort into your fucking map.

Week 1 (March 1-8): Preparation. Use this time to think of your layout, use this time to gather texture/sounds, draw a picture in MSPaint, etc.
Week 2 (March 9-16): MAKE YOUR FUCKING MAP. You get a whole week to make it. You can be a traditional speedmapper and blitz the entire thing out in like six hours, or you can take your time and lay it out room by room. Either way, get it done by the 16th. Actually, get it done by the 14th, and use the extra two days to sit on it.
Week 3 (March 17-24): Compilation and criticism. I'll take a couple days to compile everyone's maps into a single build and throw it at everyone. Everyone plays through it and offers feedback on everyone else's map. Feedback is mandatory, citizen. People fix up their maps according to the feedback.
Week 4 (March 25-31): Release and relaxation. Congratulations, you made a map!

(Do not take this as a confirmed list of "everyone in this list is going to give a map/needs to map". I'll be surprised if, like, 5 maps come in)
Laggy Blazko
TerminusEst13 (no shit)
Sgt. Shivers
ijon tichy
Hege Cactus
Joey Prowler
Shadow Hog
Big C
The Purple Marine
Abelard Tullus
Deviluke Roy
Dr. Stein
Action Max
Doom Grey

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well I mean, there's not much to talk about. Just make your fucking map, mate.
If you have questions, though, you can hit me up on IRC. My "main" chat room is #anakeion on Zandronum IRC, but I also hang in #doomtwid on OFTC and #ZDoom on Espernet.
Or #pso2proxygchat on BadnikNET but I'm pretty sure they'll get pissy if we hijack that room for Doomtalk purposes.
If you wanna hit me on Skype, I'm TerminusEst13. (What a shock)
If you wanna hit me on Steam, I'm TerminusEst13. (What a shock mk 2)



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I was gonna pop my name down until I saw this:

TerminusEst13 said:

I'm gonna rub my little hands all over your baby. Ohhhh yessssss. That's a niiiice baby. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Now I'm kinda nervous.

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Sure I'll give it a go. Haven't done many maps before and they've all been Boom ones so don't expect much ZDoom stuff. I'll have to get over my love of waist-high impassable walls.

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It's the 8th! And we are a go, ladies and gentlemen!

I hope you've been using this time period to great effect--all prepared, motivated, and got ideas? Excellent! Time to start getting to work!
Whether you start blitzing through your map with a fury or just prod at it a bit in order to get it done a step at a time, I hope all of you do your best and work your hardest in order to make something.
It's not going to be easy! There's going to be moments where you say "Ugh this is just so boring", but keep going! There's going to be moments where you say "I don't know what to do next", but keep going! There's going to be moments where you say "I can't make anything interesting, other people are making much better stuff", but keep going!

Mapping is hard, but it's also incredibly rewarding. It's quite literally sculpting a world, with only your own hands and mind! Also a map tool of choice.

...I'm talking a big game, but to be honest I'm overwhelmed by the amount of response. Over 70 people are interested in participating? Bloody hell! I'm staggered by the incredible feedback this has received. I kind of just started this to be selfish and have buddies to learn to map with, y'know? But this has really blown up, and I'm sincerely thankful for the support everyone has shown.

Not gonna lie, though. This is gonna make the compiling-and-feedback stage a little difficult. But I guess I'll jump that hurdle when we come to it, eh?

Start mapping, mates. And have fun.

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...Make sure you save at regular intervals too... I mapped out a lot and my DB shut down without saving... arrgh...

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I don't consider myself a beginner in mapping, but surely one in regards of ZDoom/UDMF/etc. mapping.

Sign me up!

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Welp, here you go. Made within the past 5 days or so with a day of just sitting around and trying to get doors to work, I present to you "Blood Lake Recreational Facility". I'm overall proud of it as a first wad, and after looking at other people's "first wads", I'm glad I didn't bomb it. Music is added in SLADE, but I have also included the file in the archive as I'm sure in compilation it will have to be switched around. Hopefully you enjoy this map as much as I did making it. I'm open to tweaking and bugfixes as I'm sure there's tons of odds and ends just waiting to be torn into.

So yeah. Play it. I'll give you a cookie.

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I'm on the verge of finishing an entry. It'll be here tomorrow, whether or not I complete the second half of the finale. It's still a hell of a lot more interesting than the first exit-able map I made (not released on DW).

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It's done. Skills 3 and 4 are all set. Lower shouldn't be necessary. I'm already scraping final doom's (non-secret level) difficulty on skill 3. Who plays PWADs before those anyway?

If the map is really early in the running order, I recommend adding a death exit due to all the plasma the player finishes with. The finale's difficult enough without scrounging for ammo, so I left it alone. Pistol start intended, per instructions. A bit of ammo for carryovers is built in. Chocolate Doom doesn't like the way I did the teleports. Boom and ZDoom ports look fine. That includes Zandronum's software mode.


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EDIT: Fixed version is up now. See my post below this one for details.

There it was, just like Old Faithful, the eternal fountain of filth...

Due to time zone differences and work I don't have the final 6 hours or whatever it is. So I ran out of time to add in difficulty levels. I'll do them in about 12 hours if that's not against the rules.

Tested in ZDoom, not Zandronum, but I don't think there's anything that will break in that. It's in Doom in Hexen format.

My playtests have been UV-Speed runs from a pistol start, not UV-Max runs. There should be enough ammo to complete it in UV-Max (with some backtracking possibly) but the health balance may be quite tight. UV-Speed runners will probably finish with a hell of a lot of rockets though.

It's also missing a custom sky I wanted because I couldn't figure out how to add one and tutorials weren't working. Probably I'm just thick.

Music is "Plutocrat" by Bucket from the unofficial Plutonia soundtrack.

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And time.

Well, probably not time for some people. Some people probably need a little bit of extra time to tweak their and make a few last-minute changes.
Regardless, now we're entering the next phase. I'm going to take a couple days to compile the build, put everything together, have the hub connect to everything, make a final boss battle, and then release a test build for everyone to play with. Everyone should be willing to give it a run, run through several levels, and write down their thoughts and feedback. Obviously, I don't expect everyone to play through all 46 fucking maps, but even just a couple lines of "I liked this and this" or "I didn't like this or this" would be fantastic.

If you haven't submitted yet and are still working, don't panic.
I've said before I'm not really a stickler for time; the emphasis on this project is to JUST DO IT, rather than adhering to a specific schedule. Compiling a test build together is going to take a bit of time, after all.
If you need a couple more hours to polish things up, sure, go right ahead. If you need a couple more days, well, all right, just don't go overboard. If you're gonna need a week, yeah, no, that ain't happening.

But congratulations to all 46 contributors and mappers who have come together to make DUMP 2 a reality. Community projects are a bit of a crapshoot in that only a fraction of people who say they're going to do things will actually do anything, but DUMP 2 blew this out of the water--almost 2/3rds of the sign-ups have submitted their maps! Bloody hell!

Congratulations to everyone.
As a personal hall of fame, here is going to be the maplist, along with the name of the and the authors.


MAP01 "Hub - Agaures"

MAP02 "Tennis Ball Assault - ThreeChainLinks"

MAP03 "UAC Outpost Delta - VBob"

MAP04 "Blood Lake Rec. Facility - bioshockfan90"

MAP05 "Hell Infested Mine - Simpleton"

MAP06 "Valley of Saturn - Haze Bandicoot"


MAP08 "Untitled - TheMightyHeracross"

MAP09 "Lewd. - Kinsie"

MAP10 "Untitled - Devianteist"

MAP11 "Defecation Foundation - Dr. Stein"

MAP12 "UAC Fucked Up Again - Project_ILE"

MAP13 "The Shores of Heck - TerminusEst13"

MAP14 "Dark and Dreary - The Gay Agenda"

MAP15 "Sky Guardian - Eidolon"

MAP16 "The Goverment Tech Base - Luigi2600"

MAP17 "The Tag Labs - UndeadRyker"

MAP18 "RNG Land A.K.A. 'gimmick that most people will miss' - Jukem"

MAP19 "Lack of Depth Perception - Dukka"

MAP20 "Cryogenetics Lab - Rifle Marine"

MAP21 "Under the Island - Wivicer"

MAP22 "DOPADUMP - Anonymous"

MAP23 "Scareware - Sgt. Shivers"

MAP24 "Untitled - comet1338"

MAP25 "Welcome to Hoppishi Temple! - Kurashiki"

MAP26 "Untitled - Cpn. Chookum!"

MAP27 "Crimson Evening - Thanuris"

MAP28 "The Volcanic Oasis - ShadowHog"

MAP29 "Untitled - Hellser"

MAP30 "Valley - Guardsoul"

MAP31 "this rocks HAHA GET IT - abbuw"

MAP32 "Throughfare - Eevee"

MAP33 "Rad-II - Derprandal"

MAP34 "Spikes on the Point - CactusHege"

MAP35 "For All Kings - SoundofDoomDoors"

MAP36 "Dead On Arrival - Anonymous"

MAP37 "Towers of Fault - Kribbulous"

MAP38 "The Sky Tower - Untitled"


MAP40 "wat. - Dansco"

MAP41 "Fountain of Filth - Action Max"

MAP42 "Mostly red and brown - Worm318"

MAP43 "PinchyTech Enterprises - Pinchy"

MAP44 "Dump Rocky Circuit - Espeon"

MAPFINAL "iD Offices - Sgt. Shivers"

MAP77 "Fuck Everything, Bring Explosions - Marrub"

SECRET1 "slowmapping - soosiya_san"

If you have any quote you want to display on the opening of your map, a la DUMP 1, now's the time to say it. Otherwise I'll make something up.

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Then let me commemorate "probably not time for some people" with a new version of Fountain of Filth that fixes a lot of shit that occurs when you work too late into the night. Thanks to the people who bugtested it.

Same link as before: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8xWmOI7IYl3cEpUN3V1c2JzeFk/view?usp=sharing

EDIT: I lied. One more small change to increase the tension at the end. Now I'm done. Same link as above.

Now featuring:
-Working difficulty levels including UV + Co-Op
-No skybox glitching
-A custom sky
-Teleporters that work in Zandybambalam as well as ZDoom
-Some changed secrets
-A pain elemental that has lost his very close and personal relationship with a wall
-Switches that actually animate like they're meant to
-A par time (based on my HMP-Speed run)

I'd like the intro quote to be:
There it was, just like Old Faithful: the eternal Fountain of Filth!

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UPDATE! I've gotten some feedback since the first release.

-Brighter lighting. It was too dark in software mode.

-Glitched floor in software mode leading into/out of the secret fixed!

-Archviles now descend in chocolate doom thanks to no longer having their heads stuck in the ceiling.

-Texture oversights corrected.

-more plasma added to the throne room's side corridors.

Outstanding issues: (if I knew how to fix them, it'd be done.)
-One stubborn revenant that should appear in the room with the lava vein refuses to walk through his teleporter in chocolate doom. In other ports, it works.

-A handful of monsters don't go through their warps during the SSG ambush in any port. This means it's impossible to get 100% kills. My playtests come out to around 96%.

Quote: If you struggle at the end, remember to practice! Practice is good for you! Thanks Danne.

Link: https://mega.nz/#!GwtzlZ7T!QCMQifSDZAQghE0ICXuIirJh0iANyHHBq5GpxTPCiww

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Once I get back from school, I'll adjust the map as I know of a texture bug I have, as well as a room I've been meaning to add upon reflection. So.... Quote will be:

"Brought to you by 3 AM coffee breaks and constant screen-staring in Doombuilder."

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I got a map almost done. I had a setback where I forgot to save periodically, lost a full day's work.

About functionally finished, got to add monsters though. Will post tommorow after school.

Preview Screenshot:

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I like this idea. It's good to see NOVA inspiring other newbie mapping projects to step forward!

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