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Urban Brawl Multiplayer v4.1 (Updated)

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Updated after nearly 5 Months, here .

Earlier version (no longer available) :


EDIT : Another update : http://www.moddb.com/mods/action-doom-2-coop/addons/urban-brawl-multiplayer-v41-patch

* Removed Healthbar and Score counters since they caused a bug .
* Updated Menu (Great thanks to Steve for creating it ^^) .
* MAP06 Elevator Music can only be heard by activator now .
* Fire Extinguisher should now stay If Picked up by other players

Full changelog is here .

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Has the stair glitch where you can get stuck going up it been fixed yet, its the one you go up to get to a secret

if you need a video or screenshot of what i'm talking about i can provide one if needed

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Yep, i fixed that long time ago back in v2.1c, check the full changelog to see what i've done so far .
EDIT : (which means better than the original MAP01 ? :v ).

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