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In viewing the WIKI:

Thing ID: 1410x


Valid numbers for music lumps are in the 1—64 range, the value 0 is reserved for the map's default music. Within a map, each song is associated to music changers with an editor number equal to 14100 + number. So in the above example, a thing 14107 in MAP02 would trigger a music change to D_MESSAG, and a thing 14100 would trigger a return to the default music for the level.

Music changer things are triggered when a player enters the sector in which they are placed. A 30-tics delay before the music changes is used to prevent the soundtrack from resetting constantly if the player moves quickly back and forth between two sectors with different music changers.

Ok. My MUSINFO lump in my PRBOOM+ map is:

1 T_1
2 T_2

I spawn in Sector 1 which has thing 14100. I teleport to Sector 2 which has thing 14101 (and T_1 plays correctly).

I then take a teleporter and spawn to sector 3, where thing 14102 is located and T_2 plays correctly.

The problem is I can't get the original music to play again. Even using thing 14100. Let's say I have this in Sector 4.

What am I missing.

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Some ideas:
Omit the line with "0 D_BETWEE" in your MUSINFO, that one should be implicit.
Make sure the player actually enters your sector 4.
Make sure your sector 4 is actually a separate sector and not joined/merged with your sector 3, in which case one of the music changers might be overriding the other one.
Double check if you've entered the thing number correctly.

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I am doing it correctly.

Joining sectors won't matter. There's a 30tic delay to prevent player from going back and forth.

I think in PRBOOM-PLUS, you can never use 14100. You have to have a music lump that simply is D_BETWEE (for map04) or D_RUNNIN (for map01) and then just change things up. If you want D_BETWEE (for map04) to "restart" you have to get the player to a sector that "restarts" it. You can't use any DEFAULT or thing 14100 to "re-trigger."

I think the WIKI might just need clarification. It's a little ambigous when it mentions that thing 14100 is reserved or something.

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Ok Solved.

Thing 14100 is never used. Shouldn't be used.
There is no 14100 thing. The fact that it's even mentioned in the WIKI is confusing to me.

There is no "reservation" for thing 14100 as indicated in the WIKI. 0 doesn't ever have to be defined.

When you instantiate a map, you will hear the DEFAULT MAP music UNTIL Player (player1 through 4) enters a sector containing thing 14101-14164 (defined in MUSINFO).

Let's say you have map01.

Sector 1 is where you spawn. It will play d_runnin (the default map music) until player enters a sector that has thing 14101 through 14164 as defined in MUSINFO.

The moment you exit sector 1 and enter other sectors, if you encounter a sector with thing 14101 through 14164, you will NEVER have the map instantiation music play again. You have to define music using thing 14101-14164.

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I've had hit and miss success with Google.
But yes, thank you!

I enjoy the process of figuring it out and sure like putting [SOLVED] in my dumb-question posts! :)

Hee hee.

(The wiki article should be updated though).

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