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Green - A short map by Count

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PrBoom+. I didn't specify complevel, not sure what it defaults to.

Pretty embarrassing demos. After dying I got really impatient, then took a break, and then continued being impatient for the FE ;) At one point I muttered to myself, "I'm gonna beat this fucking level." It probably speaks more to my disposition than to the quality of the level. But I definitely wasn't interested in going slowly through again.

The decoy exit is... interesting. I immediately assumed it was a bug, but continued on just incase it was a decoy.

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Mapped with vanilla, but I usually play with gzdoom so some rooms may be darker in non opengl than intended.

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Sorry to hear it was frustrating for you, Benjogami. I had my girlfriend and brother play test it and although they agreed it was tough they didn't find it too difficult. Are you playing with the mouse or do you use only the keyboard when playing? Thanks for the response though.

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