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Problem getting Spidey's ZDoom Font Generator to make fonts

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I've tried to create a font for the inventory amount numbers using Spidey's ZDoom Font Generator, but I can't get it to work. Every time I get some sort of error, a different one for each file format I try. The only time I didn't get one was with a pcx file and console font, but the lump it created was empty, so yeah...

If anyone could take a look at my file here and tell me what's up would be very appreciated.


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Considering you're only using numbers for this font, you're probably better off just cutting up the sheet to make every number its own graphic, and then importing them into your WAD. You can then create a FONTDEFS lump and use the template present in zdoom.pk3 to create a definition for it, so you can then use it on your status bar or in hudmessages and such.

Here's some code you can use:

       0 KNASNUM0
       1 KNASNUM1
       2 KNASNUM2
       3 KNASNUM3
       4 KNASNUM4
       5 KNASNUM5
       6 KNASNUM6
       7 KNASNUM7
       8 KNASNUM8
       9 KNASNUM9

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Yeah, that works I think. It was just so hard to get a clear understanding which template to use and how to use it from the wiki. Thanks. :)

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