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Holy Hostage: DUMP2 Map Development (pictures!)

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I'm working on a Dump2 map, which means we have a mandatory week of preparation before actually beginning the map.

Man, I should plan ahead in advance more often.


This map, working title Holy Hostage, is a ruined techbase encased with hellish fortifications. Stone walls and marble keeps envelop the outside of the base, with some hellified regions on the edges, while the techbase it contains remains untouched by hellish influence, save for some damage.

I plan to make this a large and open map, contrary to my earlier maps that felt closer quarters. I also plan for this to be psuedo-nonlinear, meaning that multiple objectives can be reached at the same time.

I hope to finish the sketches before the building phase begins. It'll look real nice when it's done.

I'll also update this blog with updates on my progress.


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I've never tried drawing a map before starting on it. Now that you've (presumably) worked on it a bit, do you think it was worthwhile to do the drawing?

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