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DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

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"What? But this is out of context!?!?"

It's not, Resurrected Nightmare now dies.

For a few reasons....
One of them being that it's developed far enough, that I think it deserves to be separate entity, unconstrained by limitations.

Not that it mattered much anyway.
Much progress was made however, even if it was just one level.

I do hope we meet again...under different circumstances, sometime in the near future.

Edited by XLightningStormL : to chaenge da wurlb my final msg goobye

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.... isn't this that maps you made for doomworld megawad project? I get it even without screenshots or a file link...

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XLightningStormL said:

in other words, boxy/squarish rooms.

uhhh usually people look down on overly boxy maps, as generally they're not all that interesting to look at. Sure, you can have a lot of 90 degree corners (American McGee and Jens Nielsen immediately come to mind when talking about styles that heavily utilize 90 degree corners) but you should make it look aesthetically pleasing (don't go all hyper-detail, that often looks like shit) and you need the gameplay to back it up. Just something to keep in mind!

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Got Some screens up:


here's the album

Armor Room in Hanger recreation

Hanger Overlook

Armor Room again

Storage Room

Abandoned Room

Yellow Card Room

Ancient Maintenance & Generator

Shootout at the old Server Room

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Imp Encounter( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wrong Address for Delivery

Playin' Cards

2080's Nostalgia

You Know that room!

That's all part of the Hanger 3 map

Any Suggestions

Also I should Note: I was in the stages of getting an idea for the Power Plant level, but due to some issue (SLADE or something) the Map was wiped clean all but an empty marker (Couldn't use the backup since I already modified the Hanger Map after that)

Also the Old Techbase themes will utilize heavy industrial, and Doom 64 textures ;)

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Doesn't look half bad, but definitely need to pay more attention to texture alignment. There's a lot of spots where the STAR textures aren't tiling properly (far corner of "Armor Room in Hanger recreation", under the ledge on the left of "Armor room again", above the door in "Playing cards"). Also the stones on the light textures on "Abandoned room" are off by a few pixels with the other stone bricks.

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I really do like the aesthetic, just improve those aforementioned texture oddities and keep working on it. You're off to a pretty darn good start, though.

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Alright, I'm working on E1M10 (Remake of Phobos Anomaly) to get it out of the way (E1M1 isn't technically done atm, although it has been changed since the photos)

E1M10 will be called "Alpha Labs Complex"

I also need some suggestions to full up space for some of level parts:


This is supposed to be a sort of spare/boiler/industrial room, so say pipes, old computers, metal etc

A Hallway, some of it has become destroyed due to the invasion of hell, probably broken wires and TEKWALL1 for the roof, broken pipes. Non converted hallway probably should have pipes, a computer, some rubbish, etc.

Supposed to be a sciency office rooms, might have a central table for meetings or something idk
--Weapons Research Labs--
* Uses DooM beta labwalls
* This is where the Plasma Gun and BFG were developed (BFG will be unusable)
* Has a Shooting range for weapons testing.

Looks too Monochrome, needs some sciency life (although keeping to the olde Techbase style.

Another Angle, maybe some chairs, two pot plants, some more lights, some lockers and a computer maybe?

Looks Fine, any suggestions?

Maybe some pot plants and a cabinet or two?

Supposed to be an excavation/mine entrance, maybe a Terminal? Some Drills and Barrels may fit.

Supposed to be the chaingun room, may change the floor/ceiling to fit the STARTAN walls.

A View from the large lift (not the entrance) Some marines have failed their mission, radio will have static playing.

Don't know what do to with this, maybe a meeting room or a main office.

A View from the entrance. May have some pipes, maybe some flesh crawling down?

Maybe a main office or Mortuary?

More into the entrance facing the starting elevator. Some pipes, and a computer?

I should also note, I will be editing the Marines and MBF dog to be more "balanced" The marines will become undead marines (in a form of sense, visually they will be grey) and the dogs, a form of still living dog serving their undead/possessed masters, or hellhound or something.

Should Also note:

Episode 1 secret level will be set in the sewers (since the barracks is now incorporated with an Administration in the alternative E1M9) The Sewers will utilize a "Scary" environment (which will have ambient sounds galore) and will utilize PSX Doom Music.

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All these flat, 90-degree-angled walls are dull to look at, sorry to say. It's okay--and appreciated--when you have some curves here and there. Even some insets would be nice: computer panels or light fixtures mounted into the walls. Just something to break up the monotony of the single-textured, flat walls everywhere. John Carmack didn't upgrade Doom's mapping capabilities from Wolfenstein 3D's angular, homogeneous designs for nothing. Make the most of it.

Also, it's spelled "hangar," with two A's. That's a structure aircraft go inside. A hanger is what you use to hang up clothing.

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Megamur said:

Also, it's spelled "hangar," with two A's. That's a structure aircraft go inside. A hanger is what you use to hang up clothing.

It is also a TNT Evilution level...

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JohnnyTheWolf said:

It is also a TNT Evilution level...

True, and I often think that was a typo, as well. Regardless, this is obviously meant as a remake of the original Doom, and in that game, the first level is spelled "Hangar." Calling it "Hanger 2" is incongruous, and makes it seem like an error.

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I've finished E1M1 MOSTLY (Other than Balancing and Difficulty stuff) and some basic unfinished levels with exit portals to the next level (E1M10, and E1M1 are the most complete, E1S1 IS playable to some extent)

I'll upload this v0.1 Alpha tomorrow (after I've extracted required textures with Slade, and fixed a small issue with monsters following after the player's shots rather than watching the player take one of the secrets later on, and other small issues)

Most of the areas have become more rounded (and Yes, although I have used Tom Hall's level design style, I've morphed into a more realistic and presentable style, so not everything will be low and boring. Also made use of the Slopes and Transparent middle textures as well (mainly with terminals)

Edit: As for the "Hangar 2" stuff, this wad is supposed to be in a non-Doom Canon (as all non-ID Doom Wads are) Hangar 2 (now Hangar 3 as originally intended) is supposed to represent the old mostly rundown/abandoned Hangar 2 from the Doom bible, Hangar 2 (E1M4, DReborn) is the newer cleaner facility used, along with Hangar 1 (the original hangar) or MAIN HANGAR being the largest, most used and advanced (although won't feature for Time reasons, and that 10(+1 secret) levels for Episode 1 are more than enough) I will disregard for the "Hangar" map from TNT: Evilution.

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Megamur said:

True, and I often think that was a typo, as well. Regardless, this is obviously meant as a remake of the original Doom, and in that game, the first level is spelled "Hangar."

Perhaps, but then again, the wad is called "Evilution", so I would not be surprised if it was just a deliberately silly pun to avoid confusion with E1M1.

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Due to my own limitations, and style of gameplay.

There will be a story, lore etc that will be posted here:

The Moons:

Built 30 years ago as a facility in an attempt to do Terra-forming, and to hide secret tests away from Mars City and other science labs, this is where the Teleportation Studies began (Delta Labs on Mars only had the teleporters in the last ~5 years. The Base last saw it's grand days roughly the same time as that, and because of UAC cost cuts, the bases have began to fall apart, and many areas have been block off of normal acess, all that is left is the staff of some 1200-1500 soldiers, 400 scientists, 200 Engineers, and 120 technicians.

Many of these Experiments still lead on, although attempts have been made to improve the gateways to make them instantaneous.

Plasma Weapons and Teleporters are all thankful for the massive Ununpentium-230 Deposits on Phobos and Deimos (colloquially known as "Fire Dust" due to it's appearance in some detonated nuclear weapons giving them a crimson tinge, and it's strange ability to react violently with earth's atmosphere)

Phobos and Deimos both have Earth-like Atmospheres and gravity, all thanks to the CORE bases deep inside both moons.

Deimos was built 40 years earlier, but less attention was focused towards it, and because of this, is more brick, and refinery looking.

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Got some new screens up:

Entryway of the Processing & Recycling (New E1M7)

Entryway of the Zeta Labs (New E1M6)

Will Edit this post in the next couple of hours to add some more screenshots.

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Looking good, and it would be even better without the texture filtering

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Hangar 2 has been changed, will post photos...eventually.

A lot more cleaner in some areas, more detail in others, bit more variations in others etc.

Also as two small Easter eggs, there are areas similar to E2M7 and Stage Area from Doom 64.

Will Deliver new screens, lore and a weapons list in the coming week.

Everything will be done episodically. E1 should be out by the end of this year at the minimum, next year at the very most.

Will require GZDoom or ZDoom.

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The Successor to the AW-50, the AWM-75 has a higher velocity, and less recoil. It is the Standard Issue Sniper rifle of the United Nations Marines.

Colt M455

A .45 ACP SMG used by Gang members, Guerrillas and some UAC Security. Don't Side Wield or your wrist will shatter.

UAC Security Mark Magnum (SMM) .223 Rifle

Semi-Automatic rifle used by Deimos UAC Security and wielded unfortunately by you, slightly better than the pistol, although it's ammunition is rarer.


The Purchase of FN Herstal in 2035 mean't that the UAC could expand it's weapon manufacturing capabilities. The MG570 is 105 years old, and still shows it's usefulness as a .45 ACP PDW.

Heckler & Koch MG40

Manufactured in 2040 on the 100th Anniversary of the ancestor of all modern Sub-Machine guns, the MG40 is a blowback SMG used by UAC Security.

UAC Series 1 Minigun

GE was absorbed by UAC during the 2020s due to the economic boom of UAC. Because of this the first anti-personal man-portable Minigun was created, as heavy weapon. Large and Impractical, the Minigun is still used today.


The service machine pistol of the UN Marines, the M110 is at the time of this codex, 130 years old, the first of UAC's many firearms. The M110 is a gas recoil operated MP chambered in .42 HVCP.


The Successor to the M79, the A3 Model uses unique sensors that detect a firing option set by the user (Bouncing Betty and Impact) the M79A3 is the go to for Grenade Launchers.


The M479 SAW is the lighter successor to the M249 SAW, and utilizes 7.62mm Rounds instead of .223 Rounds.

Hand Grenades

On detection on hostiles it will explode, otherwise it will bounce around for 3 seconds. All Marines have at least two at most times.

Dual Bladed Chainsaw

Secretly manufactured by the UAC in their weapon labs, as a rock cutting chainsaw, some of the more sadistic weapon makers have armed these industrial chainsaws into bloodbath makers.


Chambered in 50 AEC the UAC M2083 is a continuation of the Magnum Research and IMI Desert Eagle handcannon, improvements include: Improved Action, Easier to clean, Titanium-Tungsten construction and improved iron sights.

UAC M32 Assault Rifle

The M32 is a 5.56mm AR used by UAC Personnel, the M32 on Phobos is actually a civilian variant whilst some cheeky bastards and Deimos personnel use Military grade M32s.

E2 Weapons

UAC Series 3 Plasma Gun
The Successor to the aging Series 2 Plasma Gun, the Series 3 is more stable, uses less battery power, and has a grip. Ammunition is also cheaper due to being synthetic rather than utilizing Hydrogen Plasma in the previous serious.

UAC M106 Apollo Heavy Rocket Launcher
An Elite Military version of a demolition and debris removal rocket launcher, the M106 is fitted with Heat Seeking Missiles and due to it's anti-building nature, deals more damage and splash.

Found Commonly on Deimos and to a tiny extent, Phobos, the .42 HVPC G78 is the fastest firing MP used by the UAC.

UAC Experimental Flamethrower
Geneva Conventions? Pfft UACs never heard of them, the Flamethrower is found around in weapon labs, and high security posts on Deimos.

UAC Mark IV Carbine
As the name would suggest, it's a carbine, a compact rifle with more 7.62mm punch, recoil and fire rate.

Remington M1500 Shotgun "Duke Hahn Edition"
A Compact version the the M1500 Police Shotgun, the DED edition has a shorter barrel, no stock and uses 6 gauge shots.

A 50 Calibre version of the SAW LMG, nuff said.

MG90 Heavy Chaingun
A version of the M75 Chaingun that uses 7.62mm instead of 5.56mm ammunition. Two Firing modes including: Standard and Rapid Firing Mode, which fires two rounds at once, with twice the speed, and more spread.

UAC MK1 Railgun
The scientists at Zeta Labs have created the first portable Railgun since the ZNM Markor debuted in 2033. The MK1 Railgun boasts better range, firing rate and won't discharge all its ammo at once, in your hands 50% of the time.

Winchester M2028 Rifle
A Semi-Automatic Rifle used by some UAC Personnel on Deimos, the M2028 uses .50 BMG Rounds.

Still in use since the 2010s, the AA-12A3 is an automatic shotgun that has low recoil.

E3 Weapons

UAC MX-3 Series 1 Channeler
A Plasma Weapon that can charge up a shotgun like blast of 8 plasma shots, or a primary mode that fires an automatic beam of plasma that bounces of walls.

Where it all began, known infamously as the Christmas Gun by it's creator John. R. The BFG2704 shits on it's enemy with 40-50+ blasts of green and red plasma.

Recently finished, the 10k has a larger radius of blast, and can be fired automatically.



So that's 5 Alt Fire weapons
- Scope/Zoom Feature
- Bouncing Grenades and Impact
- Automatic beam or "Channel" of energy that bounces off of walls really fast.
- Unmaker isn't going to be stated for sake of finding out.
- Faster firing that uses 2 rounds at once, and deals more damage.

Ammunition Stuff:
5.56/.223 weapons all use Rifle Ammo
.42 HVPC, 50 AEC, and .45 ACP are all Vanilla Clips
7.62 and .50 BMG all are High Power rounds.
Unmaker will use Chi Gems.
All Shotguns use Shells
All Energy Weapons use Cells.

I am considering adding the Thunderbolt from Quake ;) as an E3 weapon

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Released the Alpha build 01, textures issues will occur (there's supposed to be D64 textures, too lazy to fix atm) requires GZDoom, and Doom 2.

Download the main .pk3 here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vwqz79lkujb26v5/Resurrected_Nightmare.pk3

Here's the secondary, newer maps .wad, load this (ctrl click both ResurrectMaps and Resurrected_Nightmare and drag into gzdoom): http://www.mediafire.com/download/1c6lav94tyaa1h5/resurrectMaps.wad

Maps, weapons etc, are not final, yadda-yadda etc, have fun.

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XLightningStormL said:

Released the Alpha build 01, textures issues will occur (there's supposed to be D64 textures, too lazy to fix atm) requires GZDoom, and Doom 2.

Download the main .pk3 here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vwqz79lkujb26v5/Resurrected_Nightmare.pk3

Here's the secondary, newer maps .wad, load this (ctrl click both ResurrectMaps and Resurrected_Nightmare and drag into gzdoom): http://www.mediafire.com/download/vwqz79lkujb26v5/Resurrected_Nightmare.pk3

Maps, weapons etc, are not final, yadda-yadda etc, have fun.

Both links are for the same file.

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My biggest question about this is, that why are my custom(ie the ones i made ,not properly credited in my PK3) resources in your mods files. I was never asked if you could use textures from the tei tenga incident. I do not mind if i am credited, but i see no credits. Nor for the other textures that i see implemented. I would like you to remove all of my textures from your .pk3 until you make a proper list crediting me and the creators of the other textures you use. Otherwise it is looking pretty good, so keep going, but don't steal other peoples stuff. Also a good chunk of your slot two weapons preform just like the tei tenga incidents weapons, including the automatic assualt rifle using the same sprite as a cut weapon, the rifle using a sprite that is from my mod as a pickup sprite. Also you stole the code from my mods spray rifle(which uses a sprite by pillowblaster)
The list of stuff goes on and on..

edit found credits list, now feel like a idiot

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Im confused..... I see the title thread say Doom 1 reloaded.

And the files for Alpha 01 build on the mediafire links you provided say "Resurrected Nightmare". Did you decide to change the name to that? Or is it still going to be Doom 1 Reloaded?

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