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TNT Map Sizes

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I did an analysis of the entire mapset of TNT: Evilution, and I was able to determine the size of the maps. It does not necessarily mean the scale of the map, but also the complexity and the time it would take for most average Doomers to pass. Just a little something for the people working on TNT 2: Devilution, TNT: Revilution, TNT: Convilution, and even the TNT megawad for Final Doom the Way Id Did.

Map01: System Control - small
Map02: Human BBQ - small
Map03: Power Control - small
Map04: Wormhole - medium
Map05: Hanger - medium
Map06: Open Season - small
Map07: Prison - medium
Map08: Metal - medium
Map09: Stronghold - medium
Map10: Redemption - small
Map11: Storage Facility - medium
Map12: Crater - medium
Map13: Nukage Processing - medium
Map14: Steel Works - medium
Map15: Dead Zone - small
Map16: Deepest Reaches - medium
Map17: Processing Area - small
Map18: Mill - large
Map19: Shipping/Respawning - medium
Map20: Central Processing - large
Map21: Administration Center - large
Map22: Habitat - medium
Map23: Lunar Mining Project - small
Map24: Quarry - small
Map25: Baron's Den - medium
Map26: Ballistyx - medium
Map27: Mount Pain - large
Map28: Heck - small
Map29: River Styx - large
Map30: Last Call - medium
Map31: Pharaoh - large
Map32: Caribbean - medium

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For Revilution I'm not paying so much attention to physical size of maps as I am to the time it takes to do a casual playthrough. Short maps take less than 10 minutes to beat, while long maps take over 20 minutes to beat. I think we could do with a few more medium sized maps at the moment, but I'm confident that Revilution will take a similar amount of time to beat as Evilution does. Convilution on the other hand is a wad that takes it's inspiration from Drake O'Brien & Casali maps, so shot maps will be few in number for that project.

1 Short
2 Short
3 Long
4 Medium
5 x
6 Short
7 Short
8 Short
9 Medium
10 Medium
11 x
12 Medium
13 Medium
14 x
15 Long
16 x
17 Medium
18 Short
19 Long
20 Medium
21 Long
22 Short
23 Short
24 x
25 Long
26 x
27 x
28 Long
29 Medium
30 x

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T-Rex said:

Map11: Storage Facility - medium
Map15: Dead Zone - small

Isn't the former one actually smaller than the latter one?

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scifista42 said:

Isn't the former one actually smaller than the latter one?

Not really, due to the setup of the crate maze. That makes Map11 longer to beat than Map15.

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