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Flashback to Hell [-complevel 9]

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Upon popular request (someone asked), Flashback to Hell gets its own thread!

It's not exhaustive, because some fth demos go back to the Misc. thread 2 and that one's too big to handle with the moderation tools, so I can't split off the posts. Oh well.

Please use complevel 9 in prboom-plus or a Boom-compatible port. Have fun.


Flashback to Hell MAP08 UV-Speed in 2:04.


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Flashback to Hell Tysons

MAP01 in 3:22
MAP02 in 8:35

Tried 3,4, and 5. 3 and 4 seem hard, but doable, and I almost got an exit on 5, but died at the end. 6+ seem impossible idk. If anyone wants to give 3/4/5 a shot, that would be cool :p


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