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Weekend Workshop #4 : Slaughterfest 2012 & Dakka

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After a moderate hiatus, Weekend Workshop brings you a new version of ijon's Dakka mod with a monster-heavy pack to suit it. Slaughter hordes of monsters with your new and modified weapons and rack up those points!

Be sure to bind keys to the new options in the controls menu.

To join, download THIS build and place it in a separate folder, copy over your "zandronum-username.ini" which can be found in your zandronum folder to the new one, and add the new folder to the "Options > Configure > Engines > Testing releases" box in Doomseeker.

Version: Zandronum 3.0-alpha-160229-1221

Game Mode: Survival
WAD's: Slaughterfest 2012, Dakka, Text Colors
When: March 6th, 2016, 16:30 PDT
Pacific Time: 15:30 (3:30 PM)
Mountain Time: 16:30 (4:30 PM)
Central Time (US): 17:30 (5:30 PM)
Eastern Time: 18:30 (6:30 PM)

Where: Vicious Pariah's servers

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