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Jaws In Space

Par times vs UV Max times

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I was bored earlier so decided to make a graph in Open Office that compares the par times of Doom & Doom 2 to the current UV Max record. I know that the par times are more like Romero doing UV speed runs, but that kind of comparison would just blow the par times away & wouldn't be as interesting to analyze.


There's a few things that become noticeable when you look at this graph, first off E1 par times are surprisingly close to the UV Max times, with only E1M8 being the real outlire. This can most likely be attributed to E1 being pretty linear when compared to E2 & E3. E2M6 has the biggest time gap between par & uv max across both games. For Doom there are only 15 par times that actually exceed the uv max speed & thus fulfill their duties as an actually par time.

Doom 2 has par times pretty close to uv max times until you get to about map 10, thats when things go all over the place. Interestingly Some of the later city
maps, 16, 18, & 20 are surprisingly close even though they are pretty much the most non linear types of maps. The par time for map 28 seems surprisingly long when you look at this chart. Doom 2 has 16 par times over uv max speed, so it does a much better job than Doom in that regard.

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