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The DOOMIII Experience

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Hi all

Just wondering what people are thinking about how to get the most out of DOOM3

Personally, I'm preparing to spend a few grand on a new PC, sound system and 21" monitor.

I've already got the plan of how Im going to set it all up in my spare room. I can already feel it, speakers set to an insane volume, room totally in darkness, ready for that first time I fire up the game.

Getting chills just thinking about it. Anyone else here got something special planned for the best day of 2003?

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yeah, i'm also saving for a new computer. i should have enough money to put it all together by Doom's release date. I have enough money right now to buy a dream system. However, with car insurrance and gas money going to be taking their cut in the very near future, well you know how it goes. so i stress, hopefuly i will have it all setup by the release date. :P

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Sounds like a plan my man,

I'm just itching to get this baby home and installed... so excited. I havent been this excited since I heard about Quake. I remember reading all of the irc chat logs with romero about how Quake was gonna be like an RPG with virtua fighter like battles... LOL .. how wrong he was.

Doom3 is pretty much gonna reignite my passion for video games, I've just been so tired of all the boring shite developers are releasing, rehashed games over and over and over.

Doom3 should bring something new to the table, IMMERSION.. in a big friggen way

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ow yeess. I am surely going to get a new pc.. by the time doom3 is out, the sledgehammer is on the market for a couple of months so it will be pretty cheap by the time I get doom3, also the nv35 will be out by that time, and then a couple of gig ram, 24" monitor, a nice 3d soundcard, I already have a 512kb broadband connection, so I wont have any probs of playing doom3 and quake 4 online.... oef.. I am going to have so much fun playing doom3 and quake 4

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Nice post. This is exactly what I am always thinking about.
My girlfriend has a nice bit of work coming up and she will probably get about 6 grand out of it. She has already promised me 2 grand towards my dream machine. I am going to wait until the last possible minute to buy. By the time Doomsday comes around, everybody will have a great idea of what to buy with all the benchmarks and what-not!

I can see it now....curtains drawn, complete darkness, beers chilling in the freezer box, pizza just finished, installation progress meter at 98%, told everybody I know to leave me the fuck alone for at least 2 days, dolby 5.1 surround cranked up to an acceptable level. People in the neighbourhood will think I have opened up a slaughterhouse in my basement. 21" Monitor crystal clear (been polishing it for days),
sub-woofer humming away. 2.4ghz proc. in cahoots with my NV35 chipset ready for the marathon I am about to put them through.

I could go on like this forever lads, but I wont....

Roll on DooMsday...

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We all know poetry can be beautiful, but do you know what is truly beautiful about this Flathead my friend??

It's going to happen!

To us all! :)

Just a matter of time.........

Kinda makes you feel good huh?

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