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Jello said:

That's quite a cute dragon you have there. I've always felt like an outsider because I think reptiles are cute. To me, there's nothing cuter than a baby tortoise or alligator/crocodile. Especially when a baby tortoise comes up to you and starts nibbling on your finger.

bearded dragons are really gorgeous looking. i got to hold one at my cousin's place just a few days ago, and it was a really amazing feeling. i'd probably be a terrible reptile owner myself, though, as apparently they require a bit more know-how to handle than a dog would.


we only have a cat, a really old red tabby american shorthair. he doesn't really move about that much lately, and he goes into several other peoples' apartments for food (he's an outdoors cat), so a more accurate term would be that he's this neighbor's cat, we just happen to own him. no idea about the actual age, as we got him at an indeterminate age, but he's at least over 10 years old, doesn't jump or run around much nowadays.

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This is Ela, a mini fox terrier.


There are two fun facts about Ela:

She made an already hard new level by myself even harder for Doomkid when she wouldn't stop licking his face while he was playing... That's what I call running interference, you go girl!

Number two is that she looks like a lost soul when she tries to bite you.

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I saw a couple of old pet threads, but I didn't want to resurrect them for being a few years old.

Anyway, here's an African Dwarf frog I bought recently.

Hanging out with the catfish.

I want to get a few more of them to form a community. I read that they thrive on being social animals.

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Fluffy cats! And OMG Goats!

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Not my pet (it's my aunt's pet) but I like him :)
I think I showed it in the other revealing topic but here I go...


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Ohhh, we have a pet thread? Lovely cats in here. We have 3 of them ourselves, all of them rescued from the streets of China. The black one is called Xiaomi (小咪), the brown one is Dami (大咪) and both are siblings. The grey one is Xiao Niannian (小粘粘) and joined our family just last year.









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I love your pets so much I ran out of likes to give!

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