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An essay on DOOM and its demons that I wrote

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Yeah, so I wrote a little essay on DOOM and its demons. I took a kind of pseudo-religious perspective and based the bulk of it on a survey I conducted.

It’s not the longest or most elaborate thing, but I figure you wouldn’t exactly want to read a 100-page-long essay anyway.

You can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/95j2izcwus8e0ys/The%20Demons%20of%20DOOM_%20A%20Pseudo-Religious%20Perspective.pdf?dl=0

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Not the way my language teacher wanted it formatted. 0/10.

Read it. I found it interesting, and the only way that it would have been better was more detailed explainations for the controvery around doom monsters during the time of great controversy.

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Huh, that was actually pretty interesting. I never knew of John Romero's hesitance around bringing Petersen onto the project. Although-come on man, the guy's a Lovecraft fan. That's like most of what he's done previous, and that shit's chock full of the cults and the dark gods.

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