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Does anyone use the Boom point push/pullers?

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These are those special things which generate radial winds around them, like attractive or repulsive fields. I'm asking this because MBF broke them. Initially they would only push/pull players, making some good natural challenges. Now they also push or pull monsters, and there's no user compatibility setting to disable this. I suspect the MBF programmer changed them without notice, and this carried over to Eternity and, I believe, PrBoom as well.

I'm considering restoring them for Eternity, for example.

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Yes. In the Map01 of EPIC.WAD there is an enchanted switch near the exit that pushes you away, almost as if it doesn't want to be pressed. The effect isn't very noticeable because at the time this object worked with different force depending on the engine (I'm not sure if that's still the case), so Eternal had to make sure that it can be pressed in any port.

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They are really convenient way to control voodoo doll movement: by opening passages and activating wind effect you can pull off voodoo doll from conveyor belt using strong puller. Not to mention the opportunity to change 5001 and 5002 things via dehacked (though I haven't tested this yet). So yes.

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