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Realms Of Darkness - finally there is a deadline

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this 6 year old project will have its joyrney, the deadline is june 2016. If I fail this I may not be releasing it at all, and forever be bouncing "my great mapping skills" in my home PC.

the old thread is not relevant anymore. I spoil some things in advance:

New Weapons:


Slot 2:
Glock18: a three fire burst pistol which has chance to do more damage per bullet than the normal pistol.
Hybrid Revolver: Revolver style pistol that holds 5 rounds of rifle cartriges, kicks back at you with a powerfull recoil thus displaying a idéa about the power you send forward.
Silenced Pistol: Feeling like you need to move slowly forward? This fella lets you do just that with a comfortable elemination of X axis recoil.

Slot 3:
The Power shotgun: the UAC put together another model of shotguns that had improved accuracy over vast CQB ranges, holds 7 shells underbarrel, but by some stupid reason they didnt put a stock on their semi-automatic brand new model, deploying it on various bases in the vicinity of Neptune.
Quad-Shotgun: shooting unarmoured targets makes the market cheap; if the power shotgun wasnt good enough for CQB then this piece of gun has to do the jobb, else why dont you just pay attention to the UAC energy weaponary? Four barrels, far inumerously more pain.

Slot 4:
M16: The main reason this weapon still exist are two things: many manufacturers, and doesnt spew more shots that you allow yourself. has alternative semi-automatic fire.
Machinegun: SMG class weaponary, a typical storm-trooper style piece.
Minigun: Heavy piece, accuracy is not a strong attribute here, but if you need to push back, these doest the jobb best.

Slot 5:
Grenades and the Grenade Launcher:
Sharpnel and brimstone, corner cutting, bouncing hellrock, its the handgrenade which fits right into a launcher, if youre uncertain of how things will turn out by hand, the grenadelauncer delivers with consistant amount of force.

The Rifle: Simple piece which shares ammo with the Hybrid Revolver, and due to a longer barrel than the revolver, it delivers more force with less recoil, ideal for long range targets.
The Nail Gun: Experimetal weaponary which spews heavy nails in high-speed velocity.

There are space for different playstyles indeed!

a total of 16 levels minus secret levels.
since I suck at uploading screenshots there will be a delay of that
I will miss this heap that took about 6 years to come this far with.

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without the secret levels and the final level yes.
what I may include in the final version is also improvements in the normal levels.
I need some more time to finish what is left since I have passed the deadline.

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