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Ideas about a Wolfenstein TC

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A few months ago I was playing around with creating a boom/mbf/dehacked modification which is Wolfenstein themed. It is basically some replaced enemies:
-SS Guard (replaces Former Human)
-SS Sturmmann (replaces Former Human Sergeant) A little bit faster and more durable than the SS Guard.
-Attack Dog (replaces Demon and Spectre) Faster than a demon but much less durable.
-SS Nazi (existing one with firing rotations)
-SS Schattensoldat (replaces Chaingunner)

Press Free User a couple of times if needed.

1) Where are those Nazi resources from? That stealth soldier is from Realm667, the missing Nazi rotations? Not sure. As for the nazi guards I think I got them from the ZDoom forum, not sure though. The boss is from Untrustable.

2) I gave it up because I couldn't think of any melee or projectile enemies, It's annoying to fight hitscanners constantly. Any ideas?

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For a monster with projectile, how about a heavily-armored soldier with flame thrower? If you don't like a flame thrower with infinite range, you can add MG42 with extremely-fast projectiles(the speed is 35 maximum in vanilla, in this case), instead of hitscanners. As a flying monster, I think you can reference Rocket Trooper from Wolfenstein (2009). Plus, I personally liked the Deathknight from WolfenDoom; firing deadly rockets with mancubus' pattern.

As a melee monster, how about a mutant with no machine gun on its chest? It will attack the player with its two knives at close-range. To make it worse, you can make it explode whenever you kill it. In this case, you may edit the sprites by adding explosives around its torso, and adding explosion effect to its death scene.

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