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Flashing text in ENDOOM

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Hi Doomworld! So I got this little problem: the text in my ENDOOM is flashing and I don't know how did I do it. Can you guys help? Thanks!
(if it matters, I'm using XWE)

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It depends on the color combination chosen.

If I recall correctly and am not mistaken, it works like this:

If you look at the hex code of a color combination, you'll see two characters, such as 31, 69, or AF. The first character is the background color, the second is the foreground color. (Bits are numbered from the least significant to the most, so the first four bits are the second character, if you're confused.)

31 means that background is color 3, cyan; and foreground is color 1, blue.
69 means that background is color 6, brown; and foreground is color 9, light blue.
AF means that background is color 2, green, but the foreground will blink; and foreground is color F, bright white.

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