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ZDS #445 - ZDaemon's Ultimate CTF Part I

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Hello ZDaemon Sessions CTF People,
This weekend we play ZDaemon's Ultimate CTF for ZDS.
That's a CTF map pack released in April 2005.
We will play the first part with 17 maps now and keep the other maps for a second session.
We don't need a huge weapon mod, just all Shotguns are Railguns.

Game Mode: CTF
IWAD: doom2.wad (or freedoom)
PWAD: zductf zds_addon_7 shotgun2railgun zvox8
Wad url:
Maps: 01-17
DMFLAGS: 16798916 / 34209792 / 0
Players: 16 + 24 spectator slots
Timelimit: 8 mins
Overtime: yes
Teamscorelimit: 5
Teams: 2
Aircontrol: 0.00390625 //zdoom
Skill: 4 // Nightmare!

Date: Saturday 12th March 2016
Euro: 19:30 GMT / 14:30 EST
USA: 01:00 GMT / 20:00 EST
Locations: [SDA] / Dwango United NJ

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Newbie question: I was actually trying to get on, but for some reason, it just... was still on DM? I'm not sure, actually. I'm positive I was on the right server, but who knows. Hopefully next weekend I can join in on this.

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