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Grid lines wont draw in GZDoom Builder.

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I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I'm in verticies mode and I'm looking at my map and there are no gridlines. so... I go to view and select, "Render Grid"... nothing. Alt+G... nothing. I close my map and reopen a new one... nothing. This is a bit frustrating. I can't draw anything because the lines automatically attach to the center of the map.

Has anyone had this problem? Can someone help me?

Edit: Seems like the issue was that the brightness on my monitor was to dark. The issues is sort of fixed, but it still doesn't seem quiet right. Normally, when I scroll/zoom in the map will automatically adjust itself, but now it just stays at the megapixel settings that are in the bottom right, "grid size" status bar.

Edit: This whole post is dumb and can be deleted. There is an option for, "Dynamic Grid Size" ctrl+alt+g. I have no idea why it would just change out of the blue, but I figured it out. Sorry.

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Just something to think about :
In Preferences (F5) > Appearance you can adjust the colours or simply brighten/darken of whatever is displayed, ie:

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