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Danny pecked away at the keyboard, digging deeper into his latest hack. A database of Ingen's "Misc Projects" division. Ingen, a multi-trillion dollar corporation, with products in range from cereal to military arms. Really they were a monopoly but due to an army of legal staff of over 500 they were able to find countless loopholes that kept them from having the government step in. Danny Evanger, 22 years old, 6 foot 2, 130 pounds of nothing and an IQ of 178. His tiny house stank, mostly from Danny, who hardly left and rarely cleaned himself or his house. The stink never got to him though. The dark room was only lit by the 25 inch plasma monitor on Danny's desk, his glasses reflecting the screen, though Danny could not see this. What the hell? This is getting harder. Usually Danny had no problems with Ingen's databases but this one was getting...well...to be a challenge! He furiously pressed keys as he crawled further into the database, but ever move he made it was like the thing was outthinking him. What the motherfuck? He relentlessly continued for hours on end until the thing gave up and he got access to something that was very well protected. "Project Genie eh?" Danny said aloud. That was habit that Danny had that people thought was strange of him.
"You really shouldn't be talking to yourself Daniel" his mother would say. He never really liked her, she was rude and always though of herself over her child. Danny highlighted "Genie1.dfr" the door of his secluded home burst inward.
"THERE HE IS!" a man shouted and pointed at Danny. Danny's eyes were wide with terror and realization. I've been caught! The men were all dressed in black combat gear and carrying Assault Tazers.
"GET ON THE FUCKIN' FLOOR AND PUT YOUR FUCKIN' HANDS BEHIND YOUR FUCKIN' BACK!" the second man shouted with a slight southern accent. He held the tazer to Danny's head and and two more men came and handcuffed him. They grabbed under his arms and pulled him to his feet.
"What is going-" Danny started, but could not finish, for the butt of the first man's Assault Tazer smacked against Danny's skull, knocking him out.
"Get this little shit out of my fucking sight".

"We, the members of the jury find Daniel Harrington Evanger GUILTY...".
"I hereby sentence you to LIFE INPRISONMENT!". Those words echoed in Danny's head as he sat in his dark cell, looking at the other inmates smiling.
"Yo meat!" an inmate shouted "On shower day I'ma make ya mah bitch!". They had taken to calling Danny "meat". A few had tried to have their way with him but the guards broke it up. Shower day was a few days away. Danny constantly feared that somebody was going to-
"Hey, its gonna be alright" a voice said.
"Hu-hu-who said that?" Danny asked, his voice shaky.
"Me" said the voice as an arm reached out from above Danny in the top bunk. He hadn't known he had a cellmate. "I'm Sleepy Dave, they call me that because I sleep for days" he said, reaching his hand out to shake Danny's hand. Danny took Dave's hand and he shook it.
"My name is Danny but-"
"But they call you meat huh? I remeber when I was called that. I wasn't much bigger than you, I was a cashier at a fast food joint, and one day this punk came it so I stabbed the son of a bitch for trying to rob me. Turns out the gun he had was fake and he was playing a prank on his friend who was the manager. I came here and everybody was trying to *mumble* me but I started working out and took martial arts. Nobody has screwed with me since then" he said.
"So...you wanna help me train?"
"Sure Danny, I will." Dave replied, smiling.

A few months had passed since Danny had been in prison and he had really changed. He went from 130 pounds of nothing to 225 pounds of solid muscle, his martial arts skill were unmatched and he was truly the most intelligent prisoner. The Warden had always said that it was a shame to see Danny going to waste in this Hellhole. Danny was in the gym by himself today, which wasn't uncommon on Monday. He had roughed up a few guys and word had spread that Monday was "Danny's Day" for the gym. Nobody, not even the new meat dared to enter the gym on a Monday, even when Danny wasn't in it. In only 5 months Danny had went from "Meat" to "Sir". He was doing his third set of crunches when a man walked in. The man was wearing a dark black suit, pants, jacket, shoes and tie, but his shirt was white. Even the man's hair and sunglasses were black.
"I dunno who the fuck you are but you best be getting the fuck out of here" Danny warned.
"Mr. Daniel Harrington Evanger". It wasn't a question, it was a statement, this man knew who Danny was and he was not unsure of himself. He didn't seem like a man that was caught unaware or unknowning very often. "6 months, 2 weeks and 3 days ago you hacked into an Ingen database and uncovered plans for their top-secret pet project known as "Genie". Well, two months after you were in prison Washington, D.C. was attacked by mutant creations and robotic soldiers. We found that "Project Genie" was the brainchild of a one Lionel Carry, the President of Ingen. His goal was to create superior soldiers for military use. They were controlled by one AI and that AI was powered by the database you hacked. When you hacked into it and got far into the system you basically made the system go "insane" for lack of a better word. The system knew that it was to fight humans but when you hacked it it took the next step further. Instead of just humans we were gonna fight, the system concluded that its programmers meant all humans. It sent out its troops who have taken over most of the Eastern coast and a few European countries. Millions are dead and millions more will die unless you tell us EVERYTHING you know about Genie, and I mean everything right down to the last period." the man finished....


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