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Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom

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Well, I'm still not sure about dotted teleport fog, but it's not bad, so I'm fine with it. You did a great job here!

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Put that into an updated version of the mod I was talking about before. 

Also made an attempt to "speed up" the weapons, but have no idea how "genuine" that ended up being. 

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I stumbled across another interesting pre-release article of Saturn Doom from the December 1996 issue of EGM. The release date for the game was pegged for November 1996, which of course was delayed by several months until March 1997. Some interesting notes from the write up include how there is "no slowdown during play", yet later mentions that the graphics were "somewhat choppy". This was an issue that they expected would be solved by the time of the final release. It is also mentioned that the music is redbook audio, but that it "matches the music of the PC title". Either the author of the piece wasn't fully familiar with the Bobby Prince PC score and assumed Aubrey Hodges' soundtrack was on the PC, or that it was planned to have the PC music in the game at some point. Definitely an interesting prospect.

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I don't know how relevant it is to the discussion at hand, however since the topic of reviews and articles is starting to crop up I thought I would show off material for the Saturn Doom port in Japan.


The first image is an ad that first appeared in the January 1997 issue of Saturn Magazine and continued for some months after. Interesting of which is that the ad lists a February 1997 release date, which didn't happen. Also further interesting enough even after the US market Saturn Doom did release the ads continued to use the PSX port's screenshots; there were no updates showing off the US Saturn port's screens. SoftBank handled the Japanese distribution of Saturn Doom.




The second image is of the first review by Saturn Mag critics later in 1997. The lowest scored critic is lamenting how yet another port of Doom is releasing and that, by this time, Doom was fairly old. Most of the commenters are speaking specifically of the game play aspects, and not necessarily the technicalities of the port; relatively common from these sort of reviews.




The third image is the final reader's rating for Sega Saturn. Periodically, Saturn Mag would perform a reader's ratings of all current Saturn titles, rating them by position. In 2000 when the Saturn was in it's final days, the magazine compiled all of the prior ratings into the "final" rating of Saturn titles. I put a red box around Doom's rating, which came in at an even 7.0 and number 641 (the box in yellow is the game's previous reader's rating position). One thing to keep in mind however is that Japan's tastes were quite different from the US's, with there being hundreds upon hundreds of visual novels and similar type games on the console that never left Japan. To give an idea what Doom was going up against, the fourth image is the top picks as rated by Japanese gamers, which were mostly visual novels and RPGs. They include Eve Burst Error, Grandia, Langrisser, YU-NO, Machi [City; this was a "sound novel"], and Pia Carrot as the top six.




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Finally found out how to access the hidden credit sequence!



Enter "jb4jh*****" for Rage Special Credits and "lyjvm*****" for Sega Special Credits at the password screen (The asterisks can be any value). After it flashes "invalid password" just press the start button to display the credits. Pretty sure this has remained undiscovered for all these years.


EDIT: Seems like this Easter egg is a bit more difficult to enable than just entering passwords. From what I have discovered so far the credits will only display after Map 02 (Plant) has been loaded into memory. Trying to use the passwords from any other map or from starting up the game after powering the system on will not trigger the hidden screens. I've also discovered that the last 5 characters of the password can be any character, just as long as the first 5 characters are the ones listed above.


For those curious, I figured out the password values by examining the hex of 0.bin (aka the main program file). The password values for enabling the screens are stored in plain-text right before SKY20 and SKY21 in the code, and are slightly before what appears to be the code for the password screen.

Edited by Mattfrie1

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The mysterious sky lumps are probably not related to PSX Doom, as the flame skies are procedurally generated.

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