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What would make a great boss fight in the new doom?

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We have cyber demons and masterminds. New monsters or possibly new boss enemies that could be introduced, What makes a good first person boss fight?

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A large enemy that:

1) moves - static bosses tend to be kinda boring

2) isn't just a bullet sponge - requires some strategy

3) still fits within the bounds of the game - doesn't break any established game rules for the sake of artificial difficulty

4) is unique

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Something that slowly shed several layers of protective armor/flesh as you fought it, ultimately exposing a grotesque weak point, would be fun.

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1) Big & terrifying
2) A weak spot that changes location when a certain amount of damage is inflicted (like Shadow of The Collosus)
3) Does not summon enemies
4) Does not contain any QTE WHATSOEVER!

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