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Plasma Gun

Holy crap

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Never_Again said:

From the Official DOOM FAQ v6.666 by Hank Leukart (5-5-3, Dec 10 1994):
The first official release of DOOM on CD-ROM (not counting the shareware) was Ultimate DOOM, in 1995. AFAIK, the registered version (the first three episodes) was never officially released on CD in North America. What you have is most likely the Canadian bootleg that circulated on the market at the end of 1993 and throughout 1994. I recall there were discussions about it on the newsgroups (comp.sys.ibm.pc.games and later alt.games.doom) at the time and either Jay Wilbur or Romero confirmed it was not a legit release.

Too bad about the crappy photos, you can't really tell much from them. And the most important part - the tray insert, where the date and company info are usually printed - is absent.

Anyway, congratulations. You have a remarkable rarity on your hands.

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