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BD v19

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Well, you can open your copy of the Brutal Doom PK3 in SLADE3, find the Chainsaw's DECORATE definition and edit it to spawn less debris, that of course assumes that you can use SLADE3 and know DECORATE.

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I'm trying to use Slade3 to reduce chainsaw particles in BD v19 (By this I mean how much blood comes out when I chop the fuck out of someone with a chainsaw), does anyone know how to do this?

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How familiar are you with DECORATE? Because what you'll have to do is look at Brutal Doom's code to find out how to tweak it. The first place to look is of course the code for the chainsaw itself, but you might also have to look at the code for various things such as the chainsaw's puff, blood splatters, and perhaps even the monsters themselves.

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