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Naked Snake

Hacx Pt II

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The single lamp overhead was the only lightsource in the small room. Just a simple table, a two way mirror and a few chairs. A fat man dragged off a cigarette while a slender black man stared at Danny without blinking. He looked pretty mean.
"So...tell us what ya know about Genie" the fat guy said, relaxed, as he blew out some of the gray smoke that had occupied his lungs.
"I fucking told you...I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" Danny yelled.
"Ya know somethin' boy?" the fat man started "I ain't gonna listen ta ya shit much longer." Irritated that the fat man called him "boy" he decided to piss him off a little.
"Yeah, ok, I'll tell you. Project Genie...is...something...I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!" Danny shouted again, smiling afterwards.
"Why ya little fuck" the chubby guy growled. He swiftly backhanded Danny causing Danny's lip to bleed. Danny didn't know until he tried to move that he was strapped being held down by a protector shield. "So, tell us all you know.". This is getting old fast. Danny strugled to remeber the universal password to protective shields used by the government. He thought real hard as the fat man stubbed out his cigarette, then it came to him.
"R23x7lo" Danny said, grinning. The fat guy looked confused...for about two seconds. In those two seconds, Danny had already planted his foot under the man's chin. The black guy stood up quick but Danny kicked the table up, striking the man's face, knocking him out cold. Danny snatched up the fat guy's keys and exited the small room.

The hallway was not only bright and long but also empty. Danny picked left and ran towards that end. When he got there he hugged the wall and peeked around the corner. One guard, looked to be about 50 or so, asleep, with his tranquilizer gun sitting next to him on the floor, with a box of tranquilizer clips next to it. Each box contained 5 clips which held 15 rounds apiece. Danny creeped over and snatched the weapon and ammo up quietly. The guard snored loudly but still didn't wake up. Danny backed up a few paces and aimed at the guard's arm. *putwew*. Then Danny noticed a used needle on the floor next to the guy. Hahaha, he uses these needles to fall asleep on duty. Danny walked past, letting out a fart as he stepped by the guard.

His blood flowing fast, Danny opened the door at the top of the steps and peered through the crack. It was the lobby of a building and it was empty. Looked pretty dark outside too. This was the first time Danny had seen outside in a long time. The footsteps coming from the lobby caught his attention. Must be another guard. "GGGGGGGUHNNNNNNNNNNNN!". What...the...fuck...

Part III coming soon!

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Ahem, it's a pretty good story, but like I said, I read in under a minute.
Oh well. Keep on with the stories, BBG! :)

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