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35fps.com and new priv system, need thoughts :D

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Could you be interested play duel league with tennis point system and with grand slams and stuff for prize money? And which port you should prefer? I am open only for Zandronum or Odamex. Pleas write below if you are interested in tournament and which port you prefer. I am only asking if i can get some amount of ppl interested in playing duel tournaments bfr i put my money to it. :)

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I wouldn't touch anything capo has a hand in. Is this an appropriate use of welfare anyway?

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What is 35fps.com?
35fps is ctf/duel league i have in mind already for while. Its aimed for zandronum port.

How the league works?
I was thinking about start with CTF first, but bfr id start league i want make something like devide players to certain rank groups. The groups should be 2 (newer players, less skilled players) group 1 and (old players) group 2.

What group 1 and group 2 means?
I was thinking about make CTF priv servers where players will be sorted to 2 groups and they will play with similar players on their skill level. The list of players will be make later. But my idea is have 2 groups of players. And less skilled players having pressure to make to elite groups.

Priv system.
My idea is make monthly rotation of maps (which is prob 7 maps) and next month tournament in every group. What this means. Lets say id pick for May rotation maps 04, 01, 17, 20, 21, 08, 09 this means you play priv games only on these maps whole month in both groups. And in june i pick randomly teams of active players this month and make small tournament. The winners of the certain month will be valued with points, the more points you have after season, the more is your chance join better group. If you are not already in high group ofc. The extra points for carrying and stuff are covered. Be sure you will never overlooked and if you are good enough join to high group you will be there for sure. :)

Tournament system.
I already said a bit about tournament above. I want bi monthly tournaments in every group, which are less valued and then 2 big tournaments per year which valued most, i am still thinking about how this make works.

Prize money?
Yes i am counting with prize money too, for bi monthly tournaments. And later also bigger prize money for big tournaments and stuff.

So in short what is this.
This is not only about league and stuff, its whole new priv system. Where less skilled players play with players on their skill level and they are later considered if they can join higher group. Its all about pressure make to elite players, and it can take time. Make it more interesting i want make also this bi montly tournaments with prize money.

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Capo april fools already ended...

Not even an original joke though, many people have had the split priv into "levels of skill" idea, but no-one yet has had the gall to carry it out on Zandronum. Have fun

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