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Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

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On 2/20/2024 at 1:52 AM, Hebonky said:

Crumpets 2


Map 02 UV-Speed in 0:47 Cr2_demo_MAP02_heb-UV-SPEED.zip



On 2/20/2024 at 2:10 AM, Hebonky said:


Crumpets 2


Map 02 NoMo in 0:09 Cr2_demo_MAP02_heb-NoMo.zip


Please repost both of these with textfiles. Sample format:

PWAD: something.wad
PWAD Name: Name
Map: ##
Skill: 4
Category: UV-Max
Exe: DSDA-Doom #.##.# complevel ##
Recorded on: Date
Time: #:##
Author: player_name


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6 hours ago, D0M0 said:

Map05 (UV-Max in 3:48.57) cr205-348.zip


Wow. I was playing this one on and off for a bit and getting 4:2x exits, assuming I'd eventually get something faster than 4:18. But I'm clearly out of my depth here.


A bit sad to read about recording demos 'ruining' a map for someone, even though this seems to be a fairly common experience and also is 100% self-inflicted, lol. Reading that sorta thing a few years back might've prompted thoughts of fiddling with difficulties, putting the setting I anticipate would be the most fun to play quickly into uv where people would actually play it. But at this point I'd rather keep it standard, and for all I know the max-route of that map still is still annoying even if you've got a few more rockets to work with ;D.

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