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Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

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4 hours ago, David Asaad said:

Glad you enjoyed! 

great runs as usual

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frog_and_toad Map07 Pacifist in 1:07






6490 attempts on this one, my most by far. Can be taken down to about 52 seconds with god like rng, once i had the baron blow up the barrels at 42 seconds.

A big thanks to @Lucky_Edie for getting me to play frog_and_toad as well as thanks to edie and @Daerikfor pushing me to "W-Key" the first two platforming sections.

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Apparently I forgot to post this almost 2 months back, table filler mucking around but...

stardate20x6 map31 UV Pacifist in 1:24


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Swim With The Whales MAP31 UV-Speed in 1:11


Just a clean-up of Rayzik's run, essentially. I wanted to improve the pacifist run, but man... getting that avj without losing too much health beforehand is a brutal task.

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Pepper D2ALL UV-MAX in 11:44


I enjoyed myself with this one. Not too difficult except the main issues were the secret fights in 02 and 03, and bc of the nature of this wad it is too easy to make a mistake at any point. Also, someone pls find a zero press for the final switch :p


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stuff2.wad D2ALL UV-MAX in 27:57


This is my first time recording any demo, let alone posting one here, so please tell me if I did something wrong.


I haven't seen this wad discussed on doomworld, so I decided to d2all it to showcase it.  The quality of my own play in this demo however is disastrously bad; I had a few very fun and aggressive runs end in map 3, and then did this one when tired, a bit scared, and definitely frustrated.  I would suspect this run can be done in 10-12 minutes.


I think this is an amazing and fun wad, especially if you want a quick little combat wad with no fuss.  Since it hasn't been discussed on doomworld, here's a mini review/description.


ribbiks labeled this "morkian mishap", and that's a perfect name: they are maps in the gggmork style.  There is non-stop combat with nowhere to hide, and some amount of randomized teleport destinations to force you to adapt your strategies and not stick to any specific route.  The maps are tiny and relatively easily by ribbiks' standards, and lack his usual visual detail, and also his usual complicated progressions, but I think it all fits with the style: short gggmork maps focused on dynamic gameplay.


Some highlights/notes:


Map 2.  Two of the cybers have randomized teleport destinations, and I found that where they end up completely changes the map dynamics.


Map 2.  The pile of archviles can be rushed with a stack of bfg balls, it's very fun.  Hilariously, I started to do that, and hadn't noticed I had almost no cells.  Oops!


Map 3.  One really doesn't need to play this safe, it might be the easiest map of the set, I just wanted to get the demo recorded.


Overall map 2 is my favorite and the most morkian.  Maybe I'll do a proper d2all (less fear and mistakes) since this one is embarrassing.


Thanks to @David Asaad @Daerik @KineticBeverage for inspiring me to do this d2all with their amazing twitch channels and d2alls.  (I am "lnf7r87x" on twitch.)  Thanks to @bemused for pinging me about gggmork and letting me know about this mapset.


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