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Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

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Frog demos:


Map 1 pacifist 0:02.51

2 pacifist 0:11

3 pacifist 0:18

5 pacifist 0:13

8 pacifist 0:22

8 pacifist 0:35 no tricks

9 pacifist 0:52

10 speed 1:11

10 max 11:34



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Frog demos part 2:


Map 🐸4 UV-Speed in 1:44

Map 🐸6 NM-Speed (Also Pacifist) in 0:59



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Sorry, I don't think I can bypass the preview without some unreliable hack, although I don't really feel the hassle of an extra click. As to why I don't use the built-in attachment feature, I have no interest in seeing download counts, nor do I have to worry about hitting my space quota on Drive, which is where I keep all my junk anyway.

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I don't see a simple option on Google Drive itself to set up one-click downloads, but the link to the download page has the following structure: 



The stuff after 'id=' is the identifying string of a particular file. Clicking the download link gives you this, which not coincidentally has the same string: 



The problem is I can't copy/paste what's in the url field while the 'save as' box is open.


But luckily it seems as if the authuser and export fields are superfluous (perhaps the current values are entered by default in their absence), meaning this link is functionally equivalent: 



So, to set up one-click downloads (for now -- who knows if it'll work in a couple years) you can manually change 'open' to 'uc'.


Edited by rdwpa

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13 hours ago, Yatima said:

how about a big one guys? :D

sf12 map 30 uv-max in 99 minutes 

finally got them all in prboom


Pwad: sf2012.wad
Slaughterfest 2012

Map:      30
Category:  UV-Max
Exe:       GLBoom+ v2.5.1.4
Time:      99:48

-complevel 9




have fun!

cheers - Yatima




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= ribbiks anathema sf12m30 =



i put the run on youtube as well

happy running to all players :)




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Stop, drop, open up shop. I'm here to bring y'all the map01 UV-Max everyone been waitin' for. Every item has also been collected.

Fifteen minutes and five seconds. Can you handle the speed?


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You can't. Entering the parameter does nothing as far as I know. I just kept it in since it's part of my copy+paste for recording stuff that supports it.

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Says who? It's purely cosmetic while recording and doesn't change the actual aiming. All my other casual maxes on DSDA have it too. 

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Interesting point to raise. In PrBoom+ freelook is only visual. In particular, if you delete the footer (or for playback use an engine that ignores it) the demo remains in sync, and completes normally. So it seems to belong in the class of enhancements we might call information leaks*, many of which are already widely accepted.



* by which I mean, the player can see or know more than he would be able to in vanilla: other examples being widescreen for a 20% or more increase in peripheral vision, turning off palette flashes to avoid being blinded on taking damage, or even on-screen totallive/sectorcount/leveltime display, which are helpful for knowing if you've missed something, or if your run is too slow to bother with continuing. Of these only palette flashes seem more than minoritarily controversial (cf. previous thread).

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Crumpets Map 06 UV Speed in 0:16



@Jimmy's "i don't like speedrun" thread for some reason put the idea of speedrunning into my head, so I grinded out a map.

I'm breaking my pacifist-only spree with this, my 11th speed demo submission :( but here it is.

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