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Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

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(UV Copy, magnolia_uv.wad)

Magnolia Map02 UV-Max in 9:08 (also pacifist, also sub 9 is super easy someone should beat this within like 12 hrs of this post)


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Oh... I see what happened I think.

Here's a tablefill then.


Magnolia (recorded on magnolia_uv_69.wad; plays back on magnolia_uv.wad SHA256:7b009e5d0e8d6a29c00be6e20546ec31648d529f5bd06471ae357e54ad60082e) Map02 Pacifist in 7:54



I am shitfaced and have no regrets.

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Jackalope UV-Max in 1:57.69.

Hamster UV-Max in 3:22.

Whisky UV-Max in 3:41.


And for my 500th wad on DSDA, I flipped a coin between a couple choices, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective :^), it ended up being this meme run:

800000 secrets! UV-Max (misses 800,000 secrets) ahem, I mean UV-Speed in 0:04.60


In terms of Ribbiks WADs, that leaves just three without DSDA pages:

43230 secrets (this one doesn't perform very well for me :D)

Non-Ultimate Doom



Of course, more remain to be max table-filled, just throwing this out there for anyone looking for stuff to run. :p





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