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Doomcraft? Nether portal to Doom3 in Minecraft.

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In order to build a Metaverse prototype, I have created a demo where 3 virtual worlds can interconnect: Minecraft, Doom3 and MUD. Please checkout the demo below. The idea is that you would be able to jump from Doom map to Doom map, but also from Minecraft to Doom. Initially this sounds strange, but if you think about it, this is how the web works. But, instead of jumping between webpages, you jump between 3D virtual worlds.

If you find this interesting, please checkout my Kickstarter where I discuss the possibilities of forming the Metaverse by interconnecting worlds: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/49217276/internet-2021-the-metaverse-internet-of-3d-virtual
Doom Snapmap could be a tool that enables such a Metaverse to come into being: https://t.co/u5KiUjPq4C

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I don't get it, and I think that might be because of the games you chose to interconnect. I really don't see the potential in connecting these three, and it doesn't even seem like you're doing more than feeding data from two games into Minecraft and ... well, that's it. Neat, but that's not even really interconnected, it's all just one-way.

Not to mention, you mention being able to jump between the games, presumably through those portals. But I can't really think of why you would want to shove something from a single player, objective-focused game into something as open-ended as Minecraft. And if that characters aren't shared between the games, I don't really get why you'd go through the trouble of finding a portal to the other game when you could just save and quit and then open up the other game normally. Heck, a lot of computers nowadays could handle running both games at the same time, so you wouldn't even have to close either of them if they both could be paused.

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Hi Arctangent, those are very good points, and I'm surprised no one has brought them up before.

First off, it isn't really one way. The MUD example is two-way in the sense that Minecraft is influencing MUD and the vice versa. There is nothing stopping me from throwing a minecraft item into MUD and that it pops up in the virtual world. Same as the other way around.

Minecraft isn't always open-ended. There are also many Minecraft maps that are very similar to Doom maps. You download them, they are scenarios that you play. As an answer to this, I would use Diablo as an example. You have a virtual lobby that you enter and then you venture out into instances. Something similar can be used for both Minecraft and Doom. I can imagine the new Snapmap being something similar too. You launch Doom, go to the community site via Doom and download instance maps and connect to others playing the same maps.

The point of the Kickstarter is that you WOULD share characters between the games. Your identity is you. That the avatar changes when you jump into a game, is part of the identity problem that is paired with the Metaverse. Also, you talk about "finding a portal to head to Doom". This would also not be the case. Of course, the ideal would be to have a client similar to a browser, you can at anytime just jump to a new address. This is already implemented in OpenSIM, for example. This doesn't mean that it wouldn't be super cool to have portals so that you can bump into another game.

On your last comment, yes, you can run Doom and Minecraft simultaneously switching between the two, but if I used the world wide web as analogy, then that would be like starting a different internet browser to surf to each different website, Safari for Google, Opera for Facebook, Firefox for CNN, etc... this is why the Kickstarter is titled the Internet of 3D virtual worlds.

If you like these ideas, please considering joining the Kickstarter and spreading the word. This is a HUGE endeavor and we are really trying to do something big and unique. Even thought it is really hard to get this message out and across, as many people, don't see the point until you explain it thoroughly. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/49217276/internet-2021-the-metaverse-internet-of-3d-virtual

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