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DarkHalls Impro

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Hi to the community, It's been a while since I first came here.

First, sorry for my 'tard english, It's not my native language and I do not practice a lot.

I had, 3 years or more ago, a lot of sharp ears to get pleased or get irritated by my noisy/black covers.
Looking back on some of theses i'm not fully satisfied about 50% of the whole, so i did dispublished this 50% to keep what I'm able to truly enjoy today.

So If you're OK with that I want to start, 3 years further, a new thread today, this one.

Just to share a dissonant One, Noisy and Synthetic :
Quite an Impro, Alive-captured, over Dark Halls.

Hope someone of yall'll'enjoy ;)
Cheers, Jose

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This is pretty nice. I love the part where the hihats really kick in.

One thing that stood out was how sharp the synths are - they almost screech and get a little difficult to listen to after a while. Adding a little resonance or a highpass filter might make it a little easier to listen to. Some of the chord changes are a little odd, and the bass doesn't seem to really line up with the song as a whole, but that's just my opinion. Nice cover nonetheless.

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